Vivian LeiVivian Lei

Associate Professor

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 838
Phone: (414) 229-6494



Ph.D. Economics, Purdue University
M.A. Economics, Michigan State University
B.A. Economics, National Taipei University

Research Interests:

Macroeconomics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Finance

Current Projects:

"Voluntary Separation as a Discipline Device for Long-Term Cooperation: Theory and Experiment" with Filip Vesely and Chun-lei Yang.

"Debt Relief in the Presence of Multiple Creditors: An Experimental Study," with Steven Tucker and Filip Vesely.

Selected Publications:

"Competition vs. Communication: An Experimental Study on Restoring Trust," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 108, December 2014: 94-107 (with David Masclet and Filip Vesely).

"Before and After: The Impact of a Real Bubble Crash on Investors' Trading Behavior in the Lab," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 95(1), November 2013: 186 - 196. (with Pan Deng and Binlin Gong).

"Differentiated Assets: An Experimental Study on Bubbles," Economic Inquiry, 51(3), July 2013: 1731-1749. (with Kenneth S. Chan and Filip Vesely).

"In-Group vs. Out-Group Trust: The Impact of Income Inequality," Southern Economic Journal, 76(4), April 2010: 1049-63. (with Filip Vesely).

"Equilibrium Selection in an Experimental Macroeconomy," Southern Economic Journal, 74(2), October 2007: 448-482 (with Charles N. Noussair).

"Foreign Aid and Weakest-Link International Public Goods: An Experimental Study," European Economic Review, 51(3), April 2007: 599-623 (with Steve Tucker and Filip Vesely).

"An Experimental Test of an Optimal Growth Model," American Economic Review, June 2002, 92(3) pp. 549 - 70. (with Charles N. Noussair)

"Nonspecualtive Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets: Lack of Common Knowledge of Rationality vs. Actual Irrationality," Econometrica, July 2001, 69(4), pp. 813-59. (with Charles N. Noussair and Charles R. Plott)