Matthew McGintyMatthew McGinty

Associate Professor

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 888
Phone: (414) 229-6146
Web Page:


Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz
M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A., Michigan State University

Research Interests:

Environmental Economics, Game Theory and Industrial Organization

Current Projects:

"On Technological Implications of Emissions Trading: Absolute Versus Intensity-Based Design Schemes"

"Leadership and Team Production"

Selected Publications:

“Strategic Incentives in Teams: Implications of Returns to Scale,” Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 81(2), October 2014, 474-488.

"Public Goods Provision by Asymmetric Agents: Experimental Evidence," Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 40(4), 2013, 1159-1177. (with Garrett Milam).

"Coalition Stability in Public Goods Provision:  Testing an Optimal Allocation Rule," Environmental and Resource Economics, 52 (3), 2012, 327-345. (with Garrett Milam and Alejandro Gelves).

"A Risk-Dominant Allocation: Maximizing Coalition Stability,"Journal of Public Economic Theory, 13(2), 2011, 311-25.

"International Environmental Agreements as Evolutionary Games," Environmental and Resource Economics, 45(2), February 2010, 251-69.

"An Evolutionary Race to the Top: Trade, Oligopoly and Convex Pollution Damage," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (Topics), 8(1), 2008, Article 17.

"Convex Costs and the Merger Paradox Revisited," Economic Inquiry, 45(2), April 2007, 342-49 (with John Heywood).

"International Environmental Agreements among Asymmetric Nations," Oxford Economic Papers, 59(1), January 2007, 45-62.