UW-Milwaukee Economics Current Graduate Students Information

This page details information for current graduate students in the UWM Economics Department. See links above to important information for current students and graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) and see below for news specific for graduate students.

August 2011 Preliminary Exams

The Ph.D. preliminary exam schedule for August 2011 is below.  All exams are from 8:30-11:30am in Bolton 868C.  Please contact the office for more details.

August 29, 2011

  • Development Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Monetary Economics
  • Macroeconomic Theory

August 31, 2011

  • Econometrics
  • International Economics
  • Microeconomic Theory

'Informal' Micro/Labor Workshop

For the past several years, we have held an occasional workshop series on Wednesday afternoons from 12:30-1:30 for microeconomics and labor topics. This informal series is set up for research in its initial stages (you do not even need a paper!!) to get feedback from colleagues. Graduate students working in any area of microeconomics (and particularly labor economics) are strongly encouraged to present. The schedule for the current academic year is found here. Please contact Prof. Heywood for more information or to sign up to present.

Departmental Rule for Provision of Financial Aid

Students directly admitted to the PhD program in Economics can receive financial aid in form of teaching assistantship awards for no longer than 8 semesters. Financial aid is also contingent upon successful performance as a teaching assistant and adequate progression in the program (e.g. acceptable completion of coursework, passing of preliminary examinations on time, and progress on PhD research).

Students with a M.A. degree from UWM who are admitted to the PhD program have to count any semester they were teaching assistants in the department while finishing their M.A. in order to determine how many semesters of teaching assistantship they are still entitled to.