UW-Milwaukee Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the graduate program in the UWM Department of Economics. On this and other pages in this website, you will find further information on the graduate program here at UWM. Please feel free to contact our Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Scott Adams, for further information.

While there are many good reasons to study economics at the graduate level, we feel that there are a list of great reasons for studying graduate level economics at UWM. The UWM Department of Economics has over 30 years experience in graduate level training. Since its inception in 1969, over 300 individuals have received a M.A. degree and over 120 have received a Ph.D. degree. There are many reasons to consider getting your graduate degree with us:

  • Engaged faculty: Our faculty is a good blend of experienced and new faculty, each with active research profiles in a variety of fields. (UW-Milwaukee research profile)

  • Two seminar series: First, the Department, in conjunction with the Center for Research in International Economics and the Graduate Economics Forum, sponsors weekly seminars by economists from around the world on a variety of economic research topics to gain exposure to the most up-to-date methods and theories in economics. Second, the Department offers an informal 'Brown-Bag' workshop in microeconomics for graduate students and faculty alike to present early stages of research.

  • Gaining valuable research and teaching experience: Through coursework and paper writing, students learn how to research and how to communicate their findings in research outlets such as academic journals. In addition, students are given opportunities to develop teaching skills through the leading of discussion sections and the teaching of their own classes.

  • Success in placing students in jobs: Our students have been successful in getting jobs in a variety of academic and nonacademic settings. Follow this link for a listing of our graduate alums.

And if you have seen the recent National Research Council's Ranking of Economics Grad programs, please see the following announcement:

Errors in NRC Ranking of UWM Economics

Approximately every 10 years, the National Research Council (NRC) ranks graduate programs in Economics. The last ranking was published in September of 2010. Unfortunately, the data used to rank the UWM Economics Graduate program was incorrect. If one uses the correct information of the average GRE quantitative score of 752 (rather than the reported 579) and the correct percentage of students graduating within 6 years of 90% (rather than the reported 0%), the UWM Economics Department would rank approximately 60th in the country rather than the 110th ranking. Please see this document for more details or contact our Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Scott Adams, for more information. We are in the process of petitioning the NRC to reconsider our ranking in the light of the correct data.