UW-Milwaukee Economics Faculty Selected Publications

Below are selected Publications by current Department of Economics Faculty. Please see individual faculty webpages for more complete information. (A link to a fuller list is given below.)

Scott Adams, Associate Professor

"Minimum Wages and Alcohol Related Traffic Fatalities Among Teens," Review of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming. (with McKinley Blackburn and Chad Cotti)

"Drunk Driving After the Passage of Smoking Bans in Bars," Journal of Public Economics, 92(5-6), June 2008: 1288-1305. (with Chad Cotti).

"Health Insurance Market Reform and Employee Compensation: The Case of Pure Community Rating in New York," Journal of Public Economics, 91(5-6), June 2007: 1119-1133.

"Do Living Wage Ordinances Reduce Urban Poverty?" Journal of Human Resources, 38(3), 2003: 490-521 (with D. Neumark).

Swarnjit Arora, Professor

"Importing Jobs? The Impact of Global Outsourcing on Wages in Indian Manufacturing," Indian Journal of Economics and Business, Special Issue 2004: 137-52 (with Avik Chakrabarti).

"Bilateral J-Curve between India and Her Trading Partners," Applied Economics, 35(9), June 2003: 1037-41 (with Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Gour Goswami)

"The Exact Finite Sample Properties of the Estimators of Coefficients in the Error Components Regression Models," Econometrica, 40(2), March 1972: 261-75 (with P.A.V.B. Swamy).

Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, UWM Distinguished Professor

"Exchange Rate Sensitivity of U.S. Trade Flows: Evidence from Industry Data," Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 72 (January 2006), pp. 542-559. (with Zohre Ardalani).

"Corruption, Law and Order, Bureaucracy and Real Exchange Rate," Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 50 (July 2002), pp. 397-404. (with Abm Nasir).

"Panel Data and Productivity Bias Hypothesis," Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 49 (January 2001), pp. 393-402. (with Abm Nasir).

"Transaction Costs and Interest Parity Theorem," Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 93, No. 4, (August 1985), pp. 793-799. (with S. Das).

Keith Bender, Professor

"The Effect of Unemployment on Compensating Wage Differentials for Injury Risk," Southern Economic Journal, 78(2), Oct 2011: 287-307 (with Hosne Mridha).

"Constrained by Hours and Restricted in Wages: The Quality of Matches in the Labor Market," Economic Inquiry, 47(3), July 2009: 512-529 (with John D. F. Skåtun).

"Job Satisfaction and Gender Segregation," Oxford Economic Papers, 57(3), July 2005: 479-96 (with Susan M. Donohue and John S. Heywood).

"Job Satisfaction, Trade Unions, and Exit-Voice Revisited," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 51(2), 1998: 222-40 (with Peter Sloane).

Niloy Bose, Professor

"The Incidence and the Persistence of Corruption in Economic Development," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 30, 2006: 2447-67 (with Keith Blackburn and Mohammad E. Haque).

"Endogenous Growth and the Emergence of Equity Finance," Journal of Development Economics, 77, 2005: 173-188.

"Information, Imitation, and Economic Growth," Journal of Development Economics, 701(1), 2003: 201-23 (with Keith Blackburn)

"Equilibrium Loan Contracts and Endogenous Growth in the Presence of Asymmetric Information," Journal of Monetary Economics, 38, 1996: 363-37 (with Richard Cothren).

Avik Chakrabarti, Associate Professor

"Cross-Border Mergers in Vertically Related Industries", European Economic Review, forthcoming. (with H. Beladi and S. Marjit).

"Exchange Rate Pass-Through: A Generalization," Journal of Mathematical Economics, 46(4), 2010: 493-504 (with H. Beladi and S. Marjit)

"Foreign Equity Participation under Incomplete Information," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 67(1), 2008: 279-295 (with H. Beladi).

"Factor Price Equalization beyond a 'Cubic' World," Economic Theory, 27(2), 2006: 483-491.

Scott Drewianka, Associate Professor

"Constrained Labor Supply and Risk-Aversion," Economics Letters, 101(2), November 2008: 130-33.

"Divorce Law and Family Formation," Journal of Population Economics, 21(2), April 2008: 485-503.

"Economic Restructuring and Labor Market Inefficiency: Evidence from Cross-Sectoral Data," Southern Economic Journal, 74(1), July 2007: 214-238 (with Chad D. Cotti).

"Estimating Social Effects in Matching Markets," Review of Economics and Statistics, 85(2), May 2003, 409-23.

Antonio Galvao, Associate Professor

"Asymptotics for panel quantile regression models with individual effects," Journal of Econometrics, 170, 76-91, 2012, (with Kengo Kato and Gabriel Montes-Rojas).

"Quantile Regression for Dynamic Panel Data with Fixed Effects," Journal of Econometrics, 164: 1, Sept 2011: 142-57.

"Measurement Errors in Investment Equations," Review of Financial Studies, 23, 2010: 3279-328. (with Heitor Almeida and Murillo Campello)

"Unit Root Quantile Autoregression Testing Using Covariates," Journal of Econometrics, 152, 2009: 165-178.

Chuan Goh, Assistant Professor

"Bootstrap-based Bandwidth Selection for Semiparametric Generalized Regression Estimators," forthcoming, Econometric Theory

"Nonstandard Quantile-Regression Inference," Econometric Theory, 25(5), Oct 2009: 1415-32. (with Keith Knight)

Laura Grant, Assistant Professor

"Eco-Labeling Strategies: The Eco-Premium Puzzle in the Wine Industry," forthcoming, Business & Society (with M.A. Delmas).

"Does Daylight Saving Time Save Energy? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Indiana," Review of Economics and Statistics , 93(4), Nov 2011: 1172-85 (with M.J. Kotchen).

John Heywood, UWM Distinguished Professor

"Performance Pay and the Black-White Wage Gap," Journal of Labor Economics, 30(2), April 2012: 249-90 (with D. Parent).

"Mixed Oligopoly, Sequential Entry and Spatial Price Discrimination," Economic Inquiry, 47(3), July 2009: 589-97 (with G. Ye).

"Profit Sharing and Firm Size: The Role of Team Production,"Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 71, July 2009: 245-58 (with U. Jirjahn).

"The Implicit Wage Costs of Family Friendly Work Practices," Oxford Economic Papers, 59, April 2007: 275 - 300 (with W.S. Siebert and X. Wei).

William Holahan, Professor

"Credible Collusion in a Spatial Economy," International Economic Review, 44(1), February 2003: 299-312 (with John Gross).

"How to Carve a Medical Degree: Comment," American Economic Review, 81(4), September 1991: 1015-16 (with Richard Perlman).

"The Welfare Effects of Market Shapes in the Loschian Location Model: Squares vs. Hexagons," American Economic Review, 71(4), September 1981: 738-46 (with Richard E. Schuler).

"A Theoretical Analysis of Resale Price Maintenance," Journal of Economic Theory, 21(3), December 1979: 411-20.

Sunwoong Kim, Professor

"Private Tutoring and the Demand for Education in South Korea," Economic Development and Cultural Change, 58(2), January 2010: 259-96 (with Ju-Ho Lee).

"Electoral Dimensions of Factional Competition in Japan's Liberal Democratic Party, 1958-1990," The European Journal of Political Research, 42(1), January, 2003: 107-134 (with Eric Browne).

"Search, Hedonic Proces, and Housing Demand," The Review of Economics and Statistics, 74(3), August 1992: 503-508.

"Labor Specialization and the Extent of the Market," Journal of Political Economy, 97, 1989: 692-705.

Kundan Kishor, Assistant Professor

"Business Cycle Synchronization in the Proposed East African Monetary Union: An Unobserved Component Approach," forthcoming, Review of Development Economics (with John M. Ssozi).

"A Note on Time-Variation in a Forward-Looking Monetary Policy Rule: Evidence from European Countries," forthcoming, Macroeconomic Dynamics.

"VAR Estimation and Forecasting When Data are Subject to Revision," forthcoming, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics (with Evan F. Koenig).

"The Success of the Fed and the Death of Monetarism," Economic Inquiry, 45(1), January 2007: 56-70 (with Levis A. Kochin).

Itziar Lazkano, Assistant Professor

"Past and Future Management of a Collapsed Fishery: The Bay of Biscay Anchovy," Natural Resource Modeling, forthcoming. (with Linda Nostbakken and Raul Prellezo)

"A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Selection of Fishing Area by Basque Trawlers," Fisheries Research, 97, 2009: 1-2. (with R. Prellezo, M. Santurtun, and A. Iriondo) 

"Cost Structure and Capacity Utilisation in Multi-Product Industries: An Application to the Basque Trawl Industry," Environmental and Resource Economics, 41, 2008: 189-207.

Vivian Lei, Associate Professor

"Equilibrium Selection in an Experimental Macroeconomy," Southern Economic Journal, 74(2), October 2007: 448-482 (with Charles N. Noussair).

"Foreign Aid and Weakest-Link International Public Goods: An Experimental Study," European Economic Review, 51(3), April 2007: 599-623 (with Steve Tucker and Filip Vesely).

"An Experimental Test of an Optimal Growth Model," American Economic Review, June 2002, 92(3) pp. 549 - 70. (with Charles N. Noussair)

"Nonspecualtive Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets: Lack of Common Knowledge of Rationality vs. Actual Irrationality," Econometrica, July 2001, 69(4), pp. 813-59. (with Charles N. Noussair and Charles R. Plott)

Matthew McGinty, Associate Professor

“A Risk-Dominant Allocation: Maximizing Coalition Stability,” Journal of Public Economic Theory, 13(2), 2011: 311-25.

"International Environmental Agreements as Evolutionary Games," Environmental and Resource Economics, 45(2), Feb 2010: 251-69.

“Convex Costs and the Merger Paradox Revisited,” Economic Inquiry, 45(2), 2007: 342-49 (with John Heywood).

"International Environmental Agreements among Asymmetric Nations," Oxford Economic Papers, 59(1), January 2007: 45-62.

Hamid Mohtadi, Professor

"The Risk of Catastrophic Terrorism: An Extreme Value Approach," Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24(4), 2009: 537-59 (with Antu Murshid).

"Democracy, Rent Seeking, Public Goods and Economic Growth," Journal of Public Economics, 87, March 2003: 445-66 (with Terry Roe).

"Environment, Growth and Optimal Policy Design," Journal of Public Economies, 63, 1996: 119-140.

"Labor Specialization and Endogenous Growth," American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 82, 1992: 404-408 (with Sunny Kim).

Antu Murshid, Associate Professor

"The Risk of Catastrophic Terrorism: An Extreme Value Approach," Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24(4), June/July 2009: 537-59 (With Hamid Mohtadi).

"Testing the Linkages between Trade and Productivity Growth in a Panel of OECD Countries," Review of Development Economics, 12(4), Nov 2008: 846-60 (With Charikleia Economidou).

"Globalization and Changing Patterns in the International Transmission of Shocks in Financial Markets," Journal of International Money and Finance, 25(4), June 2006: 655-74 (with Michael D. Bordo).

"Growing Up with Capital Flows," Journal of International Economics, 65(1), January 2005: 249-66 (with Ashoka Mody).

Rebecca Neumann, Professor

"How National and International Financial Development Affect Industrial R&D," (with Keith E. Maskus and Tobias Seidel), European Economic Review, 56(1), Jan 2012: 72-83..

"The Effects of Capital Controls on International Capital Flows in the Presence of Asymmetric Information," Journal of International Money and Finance, 25(6), 2006: 1010-27.

"Unemployment and Other Measures of Labor Market Inefficiency: The Evolution of US and UK Labor Markets 1931-1996," Economic Inquiry, 44(4), October 2006: 629-43. (with Keith Bender and John Skåtun)

"International Capital Flows under Asymmetric Information and Costly Monitoring: Implications of Debt and Equity Financing," Canadian Journal of Economics, 36(3), August 2003: 674-700.

James Peoples, Professor

"Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Wages in the U.S.," Manchester School, 77(1), January 2009: 47-64 (with Saif Alhakimi).

"Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Racial Employment Patterns in U.S. Manufacturing," American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), 97(2), May 2007: 378-82 (with Abera Gelan and Kaye Husbands Fealing).

"Risk Compensation for Hospital Workers: Evidence from Relative Wages of Janitors," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 59(2), January 2006: 226-42 (with Keith Bender and Hosne Mridha).

"Managerial Earnings Trends in Deregulated Transport Industries," Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 37(3), September 2003: 417-39.

Filip Vesely, Associate Professor

"In-Group vs. Out-Group Trust: The Impact of Income Inequality," Southern Economic Journal , 76(4), April 2010: 1049-63 (with Vivian Lei).

"Trading Horizons and the Value of Money," European Economic Review, 51(7), October 2007: 1751-67(with Gabriele Camera).

"Foreign Aid and Weakest-Link International Public Goods: An Experimental Study," European Economic Review, 51(3), April 2007: 599-623 (with Vivian Lei and Steve Tucker).

"On Market Activity and the Value of Money," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 38(2), March 2006: 495-509 (with Gabriele Camera).


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