Current Students

Andrew Anastasia

Degree: PhD

Interests: queer theory, Tavistock group relations theory, psychodynamics, affect theory & emotion, writing studies pedagogy, qualitative research methods

Dissertation project: "Teaching Discomfort" is a sustained investigation of "discomfort" for writing studies that draws from affect, group relations, and queer theory

Related activities: past English 102 (research writing) mentor

Peter Brooks

Peter Brooks

Degree: PhD

Interests: pedagogy and play in the composition classroom, game and cultural literacy, online identity cultivation, writing identity cultivation, feminist theory, assessment


  • Verse Wisconsin: Writing Community Essay, Summer 2012
  • "Personal Architecture: Understanding, Improving, and Living in Your Inner House" UMR-ACUHO Newsletter Article Fall 2007 (Awarded Best ‘On The Personal Side' Article)
  • "Mentoring Dumbledore Style: Importance of Mentoring as Seen in Harry Potter" UMR-ACUHO Newsletter Article Fall 2006 (Awarded Best ‘Feature' Article)

Conference Presentations:

  • "Architects, Participants, and Rule Sets: (Re)constructing Digital Identity" Conference on College Composition and Communication, Presentation Panel: St. Louis, MO, Spring 2012
  • "The New Harlem Renaissance: Exploration of Individual & Universal Voices." Poetic Pedagogical Project, Association of Writing Programs Conference 2011: Washington, DC, Spring 2011
  • "H2o: Happiness to Others: The Poetry of Leadership" Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association Conference, Keynote Speaker/Presenter, UW Eau Claire, February 2010
  • "Who Am I: Life as a Prose Poem" Multi-Genre Expansion/Contraction Pedagogical Project,
    Association of Writing Programs Conference 2009: Chicago, Winter 2009
  • Martin Luther King Jr. "Dream Out Loud Day" Keynote Speaker/Presenter, UW Green Bay, January 2008

Teaching Experience:Intro to College Composition, Intro to English Studies, Advanced Composition, Poetry Workshop, Business Communication

Related Activities/Experience:
National Writing Project Fellow, Previous Online Writing Center Coordinator/Consultant, Prevision face to face Writing Center

Ash Evans

Degree: PhD
Interests: Composition pedagogy, multimodal composition, digital/online writing, identity, Aristotelian rhetoric
Conference presentations:
  • "Blurring Social and Academic Literacies," CCCC, Las Vegas, 2013
  • "140 Characters or Bust: The Effect of Twitter on Generation Y and Formal Composition Methods," CCCC, St. Louis, 2012
  • "Imaginative Development: Multimodal Compositions From Process to Product," More Than Words Can Say: A Conference on Multimodal Composition, Wright State University, 2011
  • "Establishing Authority in the Classroom," Teaching Associate Orientation Panel, Ohio University, 2011

Teaching experience: Rhetoric and Writing, Women and Writing, Intro to College WritingAwards: English Department's Outstanding Teaching Assistant Nominee, Ohio University, 2010-2011

Michael Haen

Degree: MA
Interests: writing center studies, conversation analysis, discursive psychology, narratives and story-telling in everyday/institutional conversation, disability studies, ESL, and social justice in composition studies
Teaching experience:
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant for English 101: Introduction to College Writing (Fall 2013-Present)
  • Summer Writing Instructor for HCOP (Heath Careers Opportunity Program) at Marquette University (Summer 2012, Summer 2013)

Tutoring experience:

  • Peer Tutor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Writing Center (Fall 2013-Present)
  • Peer Tutor at Marquette University's Ott Memorial Writing Center (Fall 2011-May 2013)
  • Sponsor-A-Scholar and Boys & Girls Club Gear-Up Program Tutor (March 2013-August 2013)


  • "Writing Outside the Lines: Implementing Sideshadowing as a Tool in the 101 Process of Revision." The 20th Annual UWM-MU First-Year English Graduate, Pedagogy Conference: December 2013
  • "Be Mindful: Reflecting on the Discourse about Writers with Mental Health Diagnoses." Midwest Writing Centers Association Conference, Chicago: October 2013
  • "Access, Accommodation, and Dis/Ability in First-Year Composition." University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Composition Forum: September 2013
  • "More than Talk: Role-Playing as a Technique to Promote Social Change." Milwaukee Writing Centers Consortium: "Tutors Research: Within Writing Centers and Beyond" at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: April 2013. Also presented at National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing: November 2012

Related awards:

  • UWM Graduate Student Scholarship Chancellor's Award
  • UWM Graduate Student Travel Award
  • Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society

Dani Hartke

Degree: PhD
Interests: composition pedagogy, visuality and rhetoric, artist statements, feminist theory, second language writing, rhetoric of science
Conference presentations:
  • "The effects of differential inclusion on FDA pharmaceuticals policy deliberation." Co-presented. National Communication Association. Chicago, IL., November 2014
  • “Dangerous Democratization: Normative Models of Science-Policy Debate and the Incarceration of the L’Aquila Seven.” Co-presented with S. Scott Graham. Association of Rhetoric of Science and Technology Annual Conference, Washington D.C., November 2013.
  • "Seizing Opportunities to Move from 'Say' to 'Do': The Very Real Work of Enhancing Public Sphere Literacy," North Carolina State University Symposium on Teaching Writing, Raleigh, NC., February 2013
  • "(Im)Possibility of Peerness: Graduate Student Tutors in the Writing Center," Midwest Writing Center Association Conference, Madison, October 2011.
  • "Exhibiting Writing: Crafting an Artist Statement," Ohio Art League workshop, Columbus, September 2011.
  • "City Mouse Meets Country Mouse, or How Technology Brought our Classrooms Together," Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention, Milwaukee, October 2009


  • Graham, S.S., Kim, S-Y., Hartke, D.M. & Keith, W. (forthcoming, 2015). Statistical Genre Analysis: Toward Big Data Methodologies in Technical Communication. Technical Communication Quarterly. Special Issue on Contemporary Research Methodologies.
  • Review of New Natures: Joining Environmental History with Science and Technology Studies, edited by Dolly Jørgensen, Finn Arne Jørgensen, and Sara B. Pritchard. Composition Studies, 41.2, Fall 2013.
  • "Unraveling the Language Puzzle." The Wisconsin English Journal. 53.2 (2011): 93. Print.
  • "Response to 'Prattle of the Sexes.'" The Writing Lab Newsletter. 32.1 (2007): 11-13. Print. Co-authored.

Teaching experience:

    Composition Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Introduction to College English, online (ENG 101)
  • Introduction to College English (ENG 101)
  • College Research and Writing (ENG 102)
  • Advanced College Writing in English as a Second Language (ESL 118)
    Part-time Faculty, Pierce College District , 2013-2014
  • Reading for ESL Students (ESL 031-061)
  • Writing for ESL Students (ESL 032-062)
  • Study Techniques I (COLLG 104)
  • Transitions to College (ABE 098)

  • Related activities:
    • NCTE/CEE English Methods Study research assistant(2012-current)
    • Reflective Writing project assistant (2010-2012)
    • National Writing Project teacher consultant
    • "More Than a Copycat: Using Imitation to Build Reading Comprehension." National Writing Project development series talk, Milwaukee, March 2010

    Awards: Wisconsin Council Teachers of English Outstanding First Year Teacher Award, 2008-09; Graduate Chancellor's Award

    Nicholas Learned

    Degree: PhD

    Interests: Contemporary Rhetoric, Humor Theory, Argumentation Theory, Composition Pedagogy

    Conference Presentations:

    • "What the analysis of argument can do for FYC students and the public sphere." North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing, NC: February 2013.
    • "Laughing our way through critical endeavors: How the analysis of humor offers students of First Year Composition a heuristic for critically understanding the rhetorical dimensions of discourse." CCCCs, Mo: March 2012.
    • “Affective Collusion: Laughing Bodies and Shared Logoi.” Rhetoric Society of America, TX: May 2014
    • “Pop Culture Humor as a Subject of Inquiry in the College Research Writing Classroom.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, IL: April 2014.

    Teaching experience: Eng 101, 102, 240. Living Learning Communities Pilot. Online Courses

    Related activities: Eng 102 Mentor, Mentor Program Coordinator, Writing Center Tutor

    Awards: Student Success Award; Alice Gillam Award; Chancellor’s Award

    Katharine G. Monger

    Degree: MA
    Interests: writing center studies, writing program administration studies, writing fellows programs, evaluation and assessment, rhetoric and composition history, English second language writing, personal writing pedagogy, writing and identity, social justice in the classroom, underserved populations
    Related Experience:

    • Writing Fellow, The University of Iowa 2010-2013
    • Honors Editing Fellow, The Iowa Review 2012-2013
    • Writing Center Tutor, The University of Iowa 2011-2013
    • Peer Reader, Writing Lab Newsletter 2013
    • Nonfiction Editor, cream city review 2013-present
    • Presentations:

    • "Honors Writing Fellows to Peer Tutors to First-Year Composition Teachers: An Evolution of Authority and Peer-ness in Writing Instruction." Midwest Modern Language Association. Milwaukee. November 2013.
    • "Honors Writing Fellows as Tutors: Balancing Authority and Peer-ness in the Writing Center." Iowa Writing Centers Consortium. Upper Iowa University. April 2013
    • "Truth Stranger Than Fiction: Negotiating Authority and Peer Identity in Difficult Tutoring Situations." National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. Chicago. October 2012.
    • "Writing Effective Graduate School Personal Statements." Summer Research Opportunities Program / McNair Scholars. The University of Iowa. June 2012.
    • "Helicopter to Hands Off: Writing Fellows Working with Different Writing Professors." Midwest Writing Centers Association Conference. Madison. October 2011.
    • Teaching Experience: English 101: Introduction to College Writing

      Related Awards:

    • UWM Graduate Student Scholarship Chancellor's Award
    • UWM Graduate Student Travel Award
    • The University of Iowa Dean Gerhard Lowenberg Scholar
    • The University of Iowa Honors Commendations in Teaching and Writing
    • The University of Iowa Collegiate Scholar
    • Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society

    Ingrid Jayne Nordstrom

    Degree: PhD
    Interests: Composition Pedagogy, Basic Writing Pedagogy, Literacy Theory, Writing Center Studies, University-Supported Community Writing/Literacy Centers, Public Writing, Community Studies

    Conference presentation:

    • "The (Im)Possibility of Peerness: Graduate Student Tutors in the Writing Center," Midwest Writing Center Center Association Conference, 2011.

    Teaching experience: Eng 095, 101, and 102 at UWM; Conversational English courses in Zhuravka, Ukraine and Nagasaki, Japan

    Awards: Graduate Chancellor's Award

    Related Experience: English 095 Coordinator (beginning fall 2013), National Writing Project Teacher Consultant, Peer Tutor at UWM Writing Center and UWSP Mary K. Croft Tutoring-Learning Center, Director/Workshop Leader for "Yeah, Write" Youth Creative Writing Workshop Series, Volunteer for Lincoln Hills Poetry Project

    Adam M. Pacton

    Degree: PhD
    Interests: Disability Studies, Authority, Assessment, Pedagogy, Rhetorical Theory


    • "Composing: An Ars Logica." Forthcoming in Writing on the Edge.
    • "If I Don't Know what I'm Teaching, How Can I Make the Best of It?": Rev. of Teaching What You Don't Know, by Therese Huston. Pedagogy 12.1 (2011): 187-91. Print.
    • Review of The Changing of Knowledge in Composition: Contemporary Perspectives (forthcoming in Composition Studies).
    • Review of Impoliteness: Using Language to Cause Offence (forthcoming in Anthropology Review Database).
    • "Perusing the Parousia: A Formalist Reading of 'The Second Coming.'" Peer English 3 (2008): 75-84. Print.
    • "Bringing Socrates to the Center: the Socratic Method as Functional Peer Tutoring." Southern Discourse 12.1 (2008): 3-11. Print.
    • Review of My Word: Plagiarism and College Culture by Susan Debra Blum. Anthropology Review Database. The University of Buffalo and UBWings, 25 Nov. 2009. Web.
    • Review of Killed Cartoons: Casualties from the War on Free Expression, ed. David Wallis. Modern Language Studies 38.1 (Summer 2008): 85-87. Print.
    • Review of Reorienting Orientalism, ed. Chandreyee Niyogi. In-between: Essays & Studies in Literary Criticism 15.2 (2008): 189-92. Print.
    • Review of Creating Our Own: Folklore, Performance, and Identity in Cuzco, Peru, by Zoila S. Mendoza. Anthropology Review Database. The University of Buffalo and UBWings, 1 Sept. 2008. Web.
    • Review of Beyond Red Power: American Indian Politics and Activism since 1900, ed. Daniel Cobb and Loretta Fowler. Anthropology Review Database. The University of Buffalo and UBWings, 31 Jan. 2008. Web.

    "Dasein," Now and Then: The Appalachian Magazine. 25.2 (Fall/Winter 2009) Print.

    Conference presentations:

    • "Asperger's Syndrome, Composition, and Self-Identification: A Model for Curricular Negotiation" (to be presented at the Society for Disability Studies Conference 2013).
    • "Out-of-Sync in All the Right Ways: Autism and the Asynchronous Writing Conference." (to be presented at the Northeast Modern Language Association Convention 2013).
    • "CMS-Mediated Identity," presented at CCCC (St. Louis, MO, March 2012)
    • "Just Another Other: Oroonoko, 'Noble Savagery,' and Alterity," presented at the Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference (Johnson City, TN, February 2010).
    • "A Cock and Bull Paper: Tristram Shandy, Self-Reflexivity, and Filming the Unfilmable," presented at the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference (Portland, OR, March 2008).
    • "Peer Tutoring and the Socratic Method: the Applicability and Usefulness of Elenchus in Writing Centers," presented at the Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference (Savannah, GA, February 2008).
    • "Perusing the Parousia: A Formalist Reading of 'The Second Coming,'" the Southern Appalachian Student Conference on Literature (Johnson City, TN, November 2007).
    • "Fantasies Final and Fantasies Infinite: An Exploration of the Transactional Nature of Role-Playing Video Games," the Popular Culture Association in the South/American Culture Association in the South (Jacksonville, FL, September 2007

    Teaching experience: English 095, English 101, English 101 online, English 102, English 102 online, English 102 hybrid

    Awards: Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowship (2013-2014); James A. Sappenfield Fellowship; Chancellor's Graduate Student Award; UWM Graduate Student Travel Award

    Related Activities: Online Composition Mentor (2012), Online Composition Coordinator (2012-2013)

    Alexies Pegram-Piper

    Alexis F. Pegram-Piper

    Degree: PhD, English- Rhetoric and Composition

    Academic interests: Eco-criticism, Eco-composition, Native literature and criticism, Native writing on the Environment, Environmental Discourse, Invention as a office of Rhetoric, Eco-Feminism, Composition Pedagogy, Classical Rhetoric, and Temporality


    • Colors of Nature: Culture, Identity, and the Natural World Online Teaching Guide, Forthcoming, November, 2012. Contribution title: "The Significance of Identification within Rhetorical Theory and Writing on the Environment"
    • An Architect's Guide to Effective Self-Presentation, Forthcoming 2013. Contribution title: "Harnessing the Powers of Classical Rhetoric and Invention in you Self-Presentation Campaign"


    Conference Presentations:

    • Pegram, Alexis, David Clanaugh, and Michael Lewis. Presented at the College Composition and Communication Conference, St. Louis, April 2012. "(Mis)appropriating the Strategies of the Opposition: Burke's ‘Selection of Means' within Anti-Environmental Rhetoric."
    • Pegram, Alexis. Presented at University of Michigan Language and Rhetoric Conference, Anne Arbor, September 2011. "The Rhetoric of the Wise Use Movement: Three Inappropriate Appeals to Pathos."
    • Pegram, Alexis. Presented at the Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies (NCAIS) Conference, Newberry Library, Chicago, July 2011. "Keeping the Sacred Fire Lit: The Re-Imagination of Memory and the Possibilities for Environmental Rhetoric within Linda Hogan's Mean Spirit."
    • Pegram, Alexis. Presented at UW Milwaukee Composition Forum, April 2011. "Moving From Rhetorical Analysis to Critical Inquiry: Using the Elements of a Rhetorical Situation to Help Students Engage with the 102 Outcomes."
    • Pegram, Alexis. Presented at Red River Graduate Student Conference, North Dakota State University, March 2011. "Presence, Performance, Tricksters, and Victims: The Pedagogical Implications of Survivance for Speakers of Marginalized Dialects in the Composition Classroom."
    • Pegram, Alexis. Presented at First-Year Composition Conference, UW Milwaukee, May 2010. "Experience as Knowledge: Using Personal Narrative to Bridge the Gap Between Interpretative and Reflective Essays."
    • Forthcoming: Pegram-Piper, Alexis. College Composition and Communication Conference, April 2013. "Environmental Issues in the Composition Classroom: A Look at Ethos and Identifications within Environmental and Anti-Environmental Groups"

    Dissertation project: Performing a Rhetorical Analysis of Invention, Temporality, and Consequent Conceptions of the Natural World within Native Texts and Non-Native Writing on the Environment with an examination of the implications for Eco-composition and Composition Pedagogy

    Teaching experience:

    • Four years of teaching English 101 and 102 at UW Milwaukee, including online instruction
    • Learning Technology Center Online Teaching Certification, UW Milwaukee, April 2012

    Kristi Prins

    Degree: PhD
    Interests: composition pedagogy, craft, digital and multimodal composition, materiality, production


    • "Crafting New Approaches to Composition" in Composing (Media) = Composing (Embodiment): Bodies, Technologies, Writing, the Teaching of Writing. Eds. Kristin L. Arola and Anne Frances Wysocki. Utah State University Press, 2012.

    • Buck, Amber, Megan Condis, Kristin Prins, Marilee Brooks-Gillies, & Martha Webber, Guest Editors. Crafting and DIY Rhetorics. Special issue of Harlot 13 (accepted for Spring 2015 publication): n.pag. Web.

    Conference presentations:

    • “Handcrafted Rhetorics: DIY and the Public Power of Made Things” pre-conference workshop with Marilee Brooks-Gillies, Frank Farmer, Jason Luther, Chelsea Murdock, Martha Webber, and Patrick Williams, CCCC (accepted for March 2015)
    • “Rhetorical Remediation: A Multimodal Consideration of Audience,” CCCC (accepted for March 2015)
    • “Convoluting (or at least Complicating) the Idea of ‘Good Design,’” Computers and Writing, June 2014
    • “Writing on the Border between Idea and Thing,” Rhetoric Society of America Conference, May 2014
    • “‘But what does that mean for us?’ Negotiating Agency in an Agential Materialist World,” CCCC, March 2014
    • “Craft Economies, Crafting Ourselves,” Feminisms and Rhetorics, September 2013
    • "DIY Craft Practices in Composition," CCCC, 2013
    • "Developing Craft Economies of Writing," Watson Conference, 2012
    • "So... We get to make stuff?': DIY craft, new media and production," Computers and Writing, 2012
    • "Making Our Futures by Hand: What Composition Can Learn from Craft Production," CCCC, 2012
    • "Feminist Challenges: Practicing Feminism in Digital Pedagogical Practice," Feminisms and Rhetorics, 2011
    • "Doing Digital: A Production-Focused Pedagogy," digital pedagogy poster session co-presenter, CCCC, 2011
    • "Fashioning New Selves: Production, Craft and Shifting Subjectivities," CCCC, 2011
    • "Digitality and New Feminist Rhetorics (Or, Rather, Crafting New Ways of Writing)," Watson Conference, 2008
    Dissertation project: Materiality, Craft, Identity, and Embodiment: Reworking Digital Writing Pedagogy

    Related activities: English 101 coordinator (2011-2013), new instructor mentor (2010-2013), Digital English project assistant (2009-2011), UWM Writing Project assistant (2008)

    Awards: UWM Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship, 2013-14; UWM English Department James A. Sappenfield Fellowship, 2009

    Kristin Ravel

    Degree: PhD
    Interests: Digital and multimodal composition, feminist theory, design studies, ethics, and composition pedagogy
    Publications: Review of “Feminist Rhetorical Resilience,” edited by Elizabeth A. Flynn, Patricia Sotirin, and Anne Brady. Composition Studies, Spring 2013
    Conference presentations:
    • “Pinning the [Austere] Home Space: Digital Accumulation and Consumption of Pinterest,” Computers and Writing, 2014
    • “What Face Are We Responding to?: Perceptions of Interface and Identities in Online Classrooms.” CCCC, 2014
    • “Frogging the Digital: A Craft Community’s Re-conception of Digital Space.” Feminisms and Rhetorics, 2013
    • "Crafting Subjectivity," CCCC, 2013
    • "Considering Ethos in a Craft Economy,"" Watson Conference, 2012
    • "Developing a Symbiotic Relationship," ECWCA, 2009
    • "Kinesthetic Learning," ECWCA, 2008
    • "Creative Writing in the Writing Center," ECWCA, 2007
    • "Responding to Poetry at the Writing Center," MWCA, 2007
    Teaching Experience: : ENG095, ENG101, ENG102, ENG240 Writing and [Digital] Culture, Online FYW, Beginning Poetry Workshop, and community poetry classes through Woodland Patterns

    Related activities: English 101 Coordinator, UWM (currently in role); New Instructor Mentor, UWM (currently in role); Writing Center Graduate Student Coordinator, Columbia College Chicago (2008-2010)

    Recent Honors and Awards:
    • Student Success Award (for teaching ENG101), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Fall 2013
    • Frederick J. Hoffman Award for Best Graduate Student Essay, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2013
    • Chancellor’s Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011, 2012, 2013
    • UWM Graduate Student Travel Award, 2012, 2013
    • Alice Gilliam Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2012

    Molly Ubbesen

    Degree: PhD
    Interests: Feminist/queer rhetoric and composition pedagogy, composition and affect

    Teaching experience: English 101, English 102, English 095; Upward Bound summer program; Former high school English teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools

    Awards: Chancellor’s Graduate Student Scholarship Award

    Related activities: Writing Center tutor, School of Education research assistant