Modern Studies Alumni

Chris Amirault, PhD

"The Patient: Discourses of Medicine, Narratives of Illness" (1996)
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Education; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Modern Culture and Media; Director, Early Childhood Education Center. Brown University

Rachel Baum, PhD

"Ethics in the Face of Auschwitz: The Emotional and Pedagogical Responsibility of Holocaust Remembrance" (1997)
Coordinator of Hebrew Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Constance Balides, PhD

"Making Dust in the Archives: Feminism, History, and Early American Cinema" (1993)
Associate Professor of Communications, Tulane University

James Castonguay, PhD

"Operation Media Storm: War, Cinema, and Television" (1998)
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Film and Media Studies, Sacred Heart University

David Crane, PhD

"The Paranoid Text: Thought, Narration, and Technologies of Communication" (1999)
Assistant Professor, Film Studies, University of California-Santa Cruz

Jamie Daniel, PhD

"Strategies of Detachment: Modernist Memory and Bodily Loss between the Wars" (1995)
Director of Organizing and Development & Assistant to the President, UPI Local 4100, IFT, AFT, AFL-CIO

Jon Erickson, PhD

"Objectified and Dematerialized: Artistic Signifying in the Material World" (1990)
Associate Professor of English, Ohio State University.

Gareth Evans, PhD

"Sentiments of Change: American Literary History and The Politics of Popular Writing, 1789-1930" (1996)
Lecturer, English, Indiana University.

Julie Fey, PhD

"Female to Male (FTM) in Film Narrative: Gender Passing and the Re-Creation of Brandon Teena" (2006)

Anthony Grajeda, PhD

"Machines of the Audible: Aesthetics and Politics of Music and Technology" (2001)
Assistant Professor, Film and Communication Studies, University of Central Florida.

Kathleen Green, PhD

"Breakdowns: From Nervousness to Stress in American Culture" (1997)
Associate Professor, English, Pasadena City College.

Amelie Hastie, PhD

"Recollecting Histories: Women, Writing, and Film" (1999)
Assistant Professor, Film Studies, University of California-Santa Cruz.

Eric Hayot, PhD

"Chinese Dreams: Pound, Brecht, Tel Quel" (1999)
Associate Professor, English, University of Arizona

Astrid Henry, PhD

"Matrophobia and Generations of Feminism" (2000)
Assistant Professor, English, and Coordinator, Women's Studies, Saint Mary's College.

Brent Keever, PhD

"Ambient Culture: Sight-reading the Sound Effects of Modern Technology and Literature" (2000)
Director, Critical Theory Program, Paris, France.

Kate Kramer, PhD

"Questionable Characters: Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century Fictions, Feminism and the Fallen Woman" (1995)
Deputy Director, Center for 21st Century Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Anthony Kubiak, PhD

"Phobos and Performance : The Stages of Terror" (1988)
Professor of Drama, University of California, Irvine

Raphael Lambert, PhD

"African American Fiction: From Novel to Film" (2001)
Fellowship, University of Tokyo, Japan.

Christie Launius, PhD

"Stories of School, Stories of Class: The Working-class Encounter with the Academy in 20th century U.S. Writing" (2003)
Assistant Professor, English, Augusta State College.

Jerry Leonard, PhD

"Reducing Spivak: Marxism, Deconstruction and the Post-Theoretical Mystique" (1996)
Assistant Professor, Sichuan International Studies University, China.

Amy Lewis, PhD

"Writing Rural America" (1998)

Daniel Listoe, PhD

"Translating Catastrophe: The Aesthetics of History and Modern Literature" (2003)
Senior Lecturer, English and Hebrew Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Susan Lowry, PhD

"The Frontier War of Words: Transcultural Conversations between Native Americans and Euramericans" (2000)
Associate Professor, English, Antelope Valley College.

Clark Lunberry, PhD

"Situating Silence, Articulating Absence: Sites of Time and the Object (Lessons) of Art" (2002)
Assistant Professor, English. University of North Florida.

Robert Lundergan, PhD

"Rewriting the Nation: Nationalism, Multiculturalism, and the Pedagogic Apparatus" (2000)
Assistant Professor, English, Foothill Community College.

Jennifer Maher, PhD

"Appetite and Intellect: Eating Disorders and Women's Literature" (2000)
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, Indiana University.

Ellen McCallum, PhD

"Object Lessons: Fetishism, Subjective Knowledge, and Objective Desire" (1996)
Associate Professor, English, Michigan State University.

Tara McPherson, PhD

"Reconstructing Dixie: Place, Race, and Femininity in the Deep South" (1996)
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Critical Studies/Film Studies, University of Southern California.

Áine O'Brien, PhD

"Gender, Space, and the Imagined Community: Negotiating Nation and Location" (1996)
Associate Professor, Film Studies, University of Edinburgh.

Thomas Piontek, PhD

"The Way We Were (Not): Gay Self-Representations Between Stonewall and AIDS" (1994)
Lecturer, Department of English, Otterbein College.

Mark Pizzato, PhD

"The Loss of Theatre: Modern Drama and Postmodern Theory" (1992)
Associate Professor of Theatre, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Jamie Poster, PhD

"Film, Television, and the Internet" (2004)
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Film Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Arthur Redding, PhD

"Raids on Human Consciousness: Writing, Anarchy, and Violence" (1994)
Assistant Professor of English, York University, Toronto.

Zoran Samardzija, PhD

"Recent Cinema from the Balkans" (2005)
Lecturer, Film Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Benjamin Schneider, PhD

"Hollywood and Independent Filmmaking" (2002)
Assistant Director, Film Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Garrett Scott, MA

"My House, My Rules: Citizenship, Homeownership and Anxiety in California, 1954-1994" (1996)
Documentary filmmaker. Occupation: Dreamland (2005): Winner of the Truer Than Fiction Award at the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards; winner of the Working Films content + intent = change award at the 2005 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival; short-listed for the Academy Award for Best Documentary. Cul de Sac: A Suburban War Story (2002): Best Director, 2002 CinemaTexas International Film Festival.

Kristi Seigal, PhD

"Mother/Body/Text and Women's Autobiography" (1991)
Associate Professor, English. Mount Mary College.

Angela Wall, PhD

"Managing Motherhood: Episodes in Culture, Science, and Technology" (1998)
Web designer/consultant; Oakland, California.

Gary Weissman, PhD

"Fantasies of Witnessing: Experiencing the Holocaust in American Intellectual Culture" (1999)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, East Carolina University.

Edward Wesp, PhD

"Locating the Present: Narrative Form and Historical Time in Nineteenth-Century American Literature" (2003)
Assistant Professor, Department of English. Western New England College.