Affiliated Research Centers

The Center for 21st Century Studies

The Center for 21st Century Studies integrates its research with the Modern Studies graduate concentration, and the concentration regularly offers courses in relation with the research theme of the Center year. Many of the faculty fellows and advisory board members at the Center also serve as Modern Studies faculty. There is an annual one-credit colloquium course (ENG820) in which students read materials in preparation for Center events, and engage in discussions about writing, publishing and various concerns for scholars within the humanities. Modern Studies students always form a vital part of the audience for Center talks, and their questions and comments add significantly to the intellectual dialogue at the Center. In addition, the Center has a number of resources available to support graduate student research groups, workshops, and other aspects of graduate student intellectual life on campus.

The Center for International Education

The Center for International Education (CIE) brings together faculty and students interested in the processes of globalization through its support for research travel, conferences and speakers, and undergraduate education. In recognition of the quality of this partnership, CIE has been designated a Title VI National Resource Center for Global Studies by the U.S. Department of Education. Many of CIE's affiliated faculty are also members of the Modern Studies Faculty, and its speakers, conferences, and other programs draw regular interest from Modern Studies students.