Interdisciplinary Programs

Cultures and Communities

Cultures and Communities is a UWM program office that sponsors undergraduate classes, community partnership grants, faculty research, and special events. Its aim is to help integrate the goals of the "Milwaukee Idea" into UWM's core activities in scholarship, teaching, and community engagemnt.

Film Studies

The College of Letters and Science offers a unique, interdisciplinary major and minor in Film Studies. The program is founded on a broad, international perspective on media forms, texts, industries and cultures and combines the critical, historical and theoretical analysis of the most significant and globally influential media forms with an emphasis on film, television, the internet, and other areas of popular culture.

For the BA in Film Studies, visit:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Program

LGBT Studies explores questions about sexuality as well as identity, community, representation, diversity, assimilation, and discrimination that are both academically and socially significant.