English Faculty

Sukanya Banerjee Postcolonial Theory and Literature, Victorian Studies, South Asia, Gender Studies

Kimberly Blaeser Native American Literatures, Creative Writing, American Literature

Gilberto Blasini Latin American and Caribbean Cinemas, Post-1967 U.S. Cinema

Mary Louise Buley-Meissner Hmong American Studies, Teacher Education, Asian American Literature, Spirituality Across Cultures

Liam Callanan Fiction writing, 20th Century American literature

Brenda Cárdenas Poetry Writing, Latino/a Literatures and Cultures, Performance Art

Dave Clark Technical writing, Content Management, Document and Information Design

George Clark Creative Writing, African Literature

Rebecca Dunham Poetry writing, 19th and 20th century American literature

J. Denny Fischer Historical Literature, Biblical Literature, 18th-19th Century Literature

Jane Gallop Feminist and critical theory, academic writing

Alice Gillam Classical rhetoric, feminist rhetorical theory, pedagogy, composition studies

S. Scott Graham Rhetoric of science and medicine, health and medical writing, critical/cultural technical communication, qualitative research methods, new materialisms and multiple ontologies

Sandra Grayson African American literature and film, African literature and film

Richard Grusin American studies, digital culture

Maurice Kilwein Guevara Creative Writing (poetry, fiction and playwriting)

Lane Hall Digital art and culture, Procedural and experimental literature, History of the book

Kristie Hamilton American literature(s), colonial, early national and antebellum literature

Gregory Jay American Literary and Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism and Critical Race Theory

Barrett Kalter Restoration and 18th century British literature, Literary theory, Cultural studies

William Keith Public argument and public deliberation; rhetoric and argumentation in science and technology; history of speech and writing pedagogies; disciplinary histories

Gwynne Kennedy Early modern literature, women writers, feminist theories

Andrew Kincaid Urbanism, Modernism, Postcolonial Theory, and Irish Studies

Valerie Laken Creative writing, Contemporary American Literature

José Lanters Irish Literature and Culture

Dennis Lynch Modern Rhetorical Theory, Argumentation, Composition Studies

Andrew Martin Film Studies, Classical and Contemporary Film Theory and Criticism, American Literature and Culture, Global Studies Theory and Criticism

Theodore Martin Contemporary American and British Literature, Literary Theory

Patricia Mayes Discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, language and identity

Annie McClanahan 20th and 21st-Century American Literature, Cultural Studies

Margaret Mika Writing center theory, practice and administration; Composition Studies

Stuart Moulthrop Electronic literature, cybertext theory, game culture, digital media

Mark Netzloff Renaissance/Early Modern Literature and Culture, Literary and Cultural Theory

Margaret Noodin Indigenous Literary Theory and Sociolinguistics, Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) Poetry and Performance, World Literature, Translation and Digital Communities

Tasha Oren Film and Media studies, popular culture, globalization and media

Patrice Petro Film History, Criticism and Theory, Theories of Modernism and Modernity

Jason Puskar Late Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Literature and Culture

Peter Sands American literary and cultural studies, including law and rhetoric; Utopianism; Digital media and writing

Kumkum Sangari Cultural and Literary Studies, Women's Studies, Feminist Theory

Charles Schuster Composition Studies, Rhetorical Theory

Rachel Spilka Professional Writing Theory, Research, and Practice; Qualitative Research in Writing and Literacy; Technical Editing; Project Management

William Van Pelt Rhetorical Theory, Writing and Information Technology

Carolyn Washburne Creative Nonfiction, Editing and Publishing, Internship in English

Tami Williams Silent Film Restoration and Preservation, Global Women Directors, National Cinemas (US, Europe, Asia, Middle East), Film and the Other Arts (music, dance, theater, painting, digital media)

Michael Wilson American Indigenous Literatures, Postcolonialism and Indigenous Literatures

Anne Frances Wysocki New media aesthetics, composition, culture, and rhetorics; technologies of communication; pedagogy