Prof. Tami Williams

Tami Williams, Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies

office: Curtin Hall 474


PhD, University of California-Los Angeles

Tami Williams is an Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies and a current CIE Global Studies Fellow. She recently completed a book on French feminist and filmmaker of the 1920s avant-garde Germaine Dulac (U. Illinois Press). She is currently working on wordlessness and gesture in cinema, and the relationship between turn-of-the-century performance arts (modern pantomime, symbolist theater, burlesque, modern dance), early cinema, French Impressionist Film and Contemporary Global Cinema. She is co-organizing the spring 2012 CIE conference "World Cinemas/Global Networks."

She has published multi-language articles (French, Italian, German, Greek, Slovenian) with 1895 (Paris), Cinéma (Bologna), Cinémathèque française (Paris), Ekran (Lubiana), Framework (N. America), Kinémathek (Frankfurt), and the Olympic Museum (Lausanne). She has curated film programs for the Musée d'Orsay (Paris), Cinema Ritrovato (Bologna), Greek Film Archive (Athens), and the National Gallery (Washington D.C.). Her research and teaching interests include Early Cinema, Silent Film Restoration and Preservation, Classical Film Theory, World Cinema (Europe, Asia, Middle East), Global Women Directors, and the relationship between Film and the Other Arts (music, dance, theater, painting, digital media).

Teaching Interests:

Silent Film Restoration and Preservation
Global Women Directors
National Cinemas (US, Europe, Asia, Middle East)
Film and the Other Arts (music, dance, theater, painting, digital media)

Recent Publications:

Invitation to a Voyage: The Life and Films of Germaine Dulac, from Aesthetics to Politics (UIUC Press forthcoming)

Germaine Dulac: Au delà des impressions. Principle editor with Laurent Véray, AFRHC/Cineteca Bologna, 2006

"The 'Silent' Arts: Modern Pantomime and the Making of an Art Cinema in Belle Époque Paris." The Blackwell Companion to Early Cinema. ed. André Gaudreault and Nicolas Dulac. Blackwell, forthcoming (2011).

"Toward the Development of a Modern 'Impressionist' Cinema: Germaine Dulac's La Belle Dams sans merci (1921) and the Deconstruction of the Femme Fatale Archetype." Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media. Vol. 51, no. 2. Fall/December 2010. p. 404-419.

"Germaine Dulac and the French Film Industry between the Wars: Modernizing the 'News-Real.' " Gender and Politics: Women in Europe between the Wars. ed. Angela Kershaw and A. M. Kimyongur, 171-189. Aldershot, England: Ashgate Press, 2007.

"Dancing with light: Choreographies of Gender in the Cinema of Germaine Dulac." Avant-Garde Film. (Avant-Garde Critical Studies 23 ed. Dietrich Scheunemann and Alexander Graf. Editions Rodopi, 2007. 121-132.

DVD: Germaine Dulac: La Coquille et le Clergyman/The Seashell and the Clergyman. Box set with DVD bonus and book. Light Cone, 2009. Translator and featured critic. Award: Best Use of Film Criticism (Juror: Jonathan Rosenbaum.) Cinema Ritrovato Festival. Bologna, Italy.