Resolution on Shared Governance

Wisconsin's shared governance practices have been central in building the UW schools into a world-class educational system. Broad participation of faculty, staff, and students in decision-making serves to invest them in the success of their colleges and universities and thereby enhance their commitment and productivity. Furthermore, robust shared governance is essential to maintain high educational quality while reducing college costs; to provide checks and balances for greater administrative accountability; to preserve the academic integrity of the UW System; to prevent the pressures of commercialization from distorting its educational mission or eroding standards and quality; and to uphold the ideals of academic freedom and democratic practice. Therefore, rather than allowing shared governance statutes to be weakened, legislators should protect the existing body of shared governance law. In addition, legislators should vigorously support the efforts of faculty, staff, and students to exercise fully their shared governance rights in the face of all efforts to undermine them. Consistent with the original aims of WI Chapter 36.09 and subsequent judicial decisions, we call on the state legislature and Governor to guarantee all university employees and students a voice in decision-making in a manner appropriate to their institutional functions and responsibility. High quality education at low cost is the responsibility of all UW employees and students.