Student Work magazine

Spring 2014

We value the work students produce in English classes. We invite you to explore the fabulous things our students have created the past academic year, including 2011, 2012, and 2013 Virginia Burke Writing Contest award-winning essays.

We're extremely proud of the variety of work, both in traditional and multimedia formats, being produced in our English classes. This issue's offerings include collaborative projects, approproprations of pop culture slogans, and original digital artwork. We would like to thank our instructors for offering opportunites for students to express themselves in a variety of media, and we commend the students for taking risks with their experimental work.

2014 Virginia Burke Contest award winners

The Virginia Burke Writing Contest honors outstanding achievement of UWM's first-year writing students whose essays are judged the best of the year. It is named in honor of the late Professor Virginia Burke, an outstanding professor of English composition and language, who possessed a national reputation and was extremely devoted to undergraduate writing instruction at UWM for over thirty years.

All work is © the student unless otherwise indicated.

Spring 2014

2014 Virginia Burke Writing Contest Winners