Student Work magazine

Spring 2012

This year's issue of the magazine features a great variety of texts, highlighting the unexpected and exciting directions that students discover in their English classes at UW-Milwaukee. While all the pieces are so different, I believe they all share the bold, risk-taking spirit which characterizes all great writing. Justin Ramm's experimental texts challenge the boundaries of literature and hope to "provide pivotal new lenses through which we can re-envision our culture and history." Mollie Boutell's Facebook narrative pushed her to prioritize process: it's about "possibilities and losing control," she said. Marlina Jones perhaps expresses the bold spirit of all the writers collected in this magazine: "I feel there is no box, which means that there are no limitations to what I can think or write about."

We value the work students produce in English classes. Please check out the fabulous things our undergraduate and graduate students have made, including 2011 and 2012 Virginia Burke Writing Contest award-winning essays.