Student Work magazine

Spring 2013

We value the work students produce in English classes. We invite you to explore the fabulous things our students have created the past academic year, including 2012 and 2013 Virginia Burke Writing Contest award-winning essays.

We're extremely proud of the variety of work, both in traditional and multimedia formats, being produced in our English classes. This issue's offerings include collaborative projects, approproprations of pop culture slogans, and original digital artwork. We would like to thank our instructors for offering opportunites for students to express themselves in a variety of media, and we commend the students for taking risks with their experimental work.

2013 Virginia Burke Contest award winners

The Virginia Burke Writing Contest honors outstanding achievement of UWM's first-year writing students whose essays are judged the best of the year. It is named in honor of the late Professor Virginia Burke, an outstanding professor of English composition and language, who possessed a national reputation and was extremely devoted to undergraduate writing instruction at UWM for over thirty years.

All work is © the student unless otherwise indicated.

Spring 2013 - Table of Contents

2013 Virginia Burke Writing Contest Winners

2013 Student Work Magazine

2013 Virginia Burke Writing Contest Winners

"Writing for Change"

Stephanie Bray

1st Place, English 095. Instructor: Chris Lyons

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"Zelizer's Bigger Picture"

Stephanie Paull

1st Place, English 101. Instructor: Daniel Listoe

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"Learning to Read Education: The Beginning of Another Student's Rhetorical Development in College"

Amber Brooks

1st place English 201. Instuctor: Diane Unterweger

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Gina Erato

2nd place, English 101. Instructor: Loretta McCormick

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"A Golden State of Mind?"

Gwenn Chamberlin

2nd place, English 102. Instructor John Mulvihill

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"Access to the Discourse: Literacy and Poltical Power"

Peggy Randall Gardner

2nd place, English 201. Instructor: Daniel Listoe.

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"A Reason to Not Want to Cook"

Alexi Markgraf

3rd place, English 095. Instructor: James Stoner

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"Coping with Information Glut"

Brandon Anderegg

3rd place, English 101. Instructor: Liana Odiric.

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"Ecological Economics and a New Global Paradigm"

Michael Fleming

3rd Place, English 102. Instructor: Melissa Morrow.

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"Telepathy and Telekinesis: How Our Thoughts Transform Our World"

Rachelle Halaska

3rd Place, English 102. Instructor: Debra L. Siebert

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2013 Student Work Magazine

"24 Pages Per Second"

Ashlie Baumann

Instructor: Kristi Prins, DIY Culture

Artist's Statement
"The assignment was to make something digital. I had been sitting on an idea for a web site and took the assignment as an opportunity to bring that idea to fruition. In short, the site is dedicated to reviewing books/video games and the movies they've been turned into. Each medium is reviewed separately, then they are compared to each other. Although it's the same story, they are told differently by varying degrees. The goal was to fulfill a need. I wanted a review site that focused on reviewing books and their movie adaptations, and simply couldn't find one. So I'm doing it myself... with help."

"Breath of Life"

Kent Benson

Instructor: Tami Williams, Cinema and Digital Culture

Artist's Statement
"Animation has always been something of an inspiration for me among other things. I never get tired of seeing someone's artwork brought to life not only with color and movement, but also with voice and sound. This was my line of thought when making this piece. When I imagine, when I create, I feel empowered with a kind of pseudo-divinity, even if the work is imperfect. Only a few of my sketches are eventually colored, which, for me personally, is the closest I can get to giving them some form of liveliness, but it's a process I love all the same."

"An Unexpected Hero"

Aliena Dieckmann

Instructor: Tami Williams, Cinema and Digital Culture

Artist's Statement
"With the original photo of the mosquito caught in this clever Garden Spider's web, I was trying to frame a narrative by angling the camera so that the spider appeared to be looming in the background, waiting to devour its entangled prey. I also had a picture I had taken of a yellow jacket peering around a windowsill, and I decided it could add to the narrative in a fun way with some photoshopping. I added the yellow jacket onto the corner of the image in and made it appear like it was watching the scenario in the web, waiting to save the mosquito like a winged superhero."


Lindsay Kane, Nicholas Whitehead,
and Charles Zink

Instructor: Brenda Cardenas, Literature and
the Other Arts: Poetry in Concert with the Visual Arts

Artist's Statement
"For our project Charles, Lindsay and Nick chose to paint a picture together, film the work being done, and speed up the video. We then superimposed a poem over the video and afterward we added the original music from a good friend of mine who goes by the name _alteR _ideM . The whole process for this project was quite interesting. The idea was to use multiple artistic forms and play with the idea what it means to be artistic. So as part of this collaboration we first and foremost chose to remove any ego from the project. This made the work far more rewarding as we allowed each other to paint over and around each other's work. By doing so we made the art the only focus and the outcome speaks for itself."

"Jerry Lewis: Space and Time Magician"

Wendy Kujawa

Instructor: Tami Williams, Cinema and Digital Culture

Artist's Statement
"The Bellboy interested me for several reasons. First, I've developed a love for Jerry Lewis and his work. Although his comedy style and gags can be seen as somewhat old-fashioned, he presents them in a new and unconventional way for Hollywood cinema and its audience. Secondly, I believe that he is under appreciated, both as a filmmaker and a comedian. The gags in this film are done in a way that is not seen in today's films, but are still funny. Also, the way he manipulates time and space to achieve these gags is something I personally haven't seen before. With this work, I wanted to pay Lewis the attention and praise that he deserves, not only for this film, but for his other works as well. I wanted others to experience his comedy and filmmaking styles."

"I'm Livin' It"

Robert Perzacki

Instructor: Tami Williams, Cinema and Digital Culture

Artist's Statement
"Culture jamming, i.e. the subversion of media culture, has emerged in response to corporate culture. Over the past twenty years, corporate entities have increasingly entrenched themselves within our culture. In conjunction with their personhood, they have also advanced a wholesome self-image, intended to pacify the communities in which they operate. In the case of this McDonalds advertisement, they assert themselves as the mechanism for advancement and uplift in urban and historically black communities. My first attempt at culture jamming, "I'm Livin It," attempts to portray Mcdonalds' "urban renewal" in what I believe to be a more honest fashion."