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List of Approved Courses


Africol-100: Black Reality: Survey of African-American Societies
Africol-102: Survey of African-American Literature
Africol-111: Introduction to African-American History to 1865
Africol-112: Introduction to African-American History, 1865 - Present
Africol-121: Introduction to African-American Politics
Africol-125: Economics of the Black Community
Africol-163: African-American Concept of Self
Africol-210: The African American Novel
Africol-228: Introduction to Black Political Economy
Africol-250: Black Women and White Women in the Contemporary U.S.
Africol-261: Survey of African-American Political Philosophy
Africol-265: Psychological Effects of Racism
Africol-300: Urban Violence
Africol-312: The Church in African-American Life
Africol-314: The School in African-American Life
Africol-319: History of Blacks in the American City
Africol-321: Black Workers in Technologic Society
Africol-322: Order and Disorder: The Quest for Social Justice
Africol-326: Economic Problems of Black Business
Africol-327: Black Business and Management
Africol-341: Black Politics and City Government
Africol-350: The Black Family
Africol-365: Recurring Philosophical Problems in African-American Literature
Africol-369: Mass Media and Black Self-Images
Africol-372: African-American Literary Movements: The Harlem Renaissance
Africol-402: Black Personality Development
Africol-411: Change in African-American Communities
Africol-412: Blacks and the United States Constitution
Africol-416: Race, Injustice and Change in America
Africol-420: The Political Economy of Slavery


Anthro-150: Multicultural America
Anthro-213: American Indian Peoples of Wisconsin
Anthro-314: American Indian Societies and Cultures
Anthro-332: American Indian Religions
Anthro-334: American Indians of the Southwest
Anthro-335: American Indians of the Southeast
Anthro-336: American Indians of the Northeast
Anthro-565: Seminar in Regional Archaeology: "Great Lakes Late Prehistory"
Anthro-641: Seminar in Anthropology: "American Indian Material Culture"


Arabic-164: Arabs and Islam in America

Art History

ArtHist-355: American Folk Art

Biological Sciences

BioSci-105: Great Lakes American Indian Ethnobotany


Econ-248: Economics of Discrimination

Education Policy & Community Studies

Ed Pol-314: The School in African-American Life
Ed Pol-560: Education and Hispanics
Ed Pol-561: Education Issues in American Indian Communities
Ed Pol-579: Current Topics in Cultural Foundations of Education: "Antiracist Education"
Ed Pol-621: History of Native Education and Policy Development
Ed Pol-625: Race Relations in Education


English-150: Multicultural America
English-263: Introduction to the Novel: "Nationalism, Racism, and the Novel"
English-263: Introduction to the Novel: "Coming of Age Narratives in Multicultural America"
English-276: Introduction to American Indian Literature: (all subtitles)
English-277: Introduction to Ethnic Minority Literature: (all subtitles)
English-279: Introduction to U.W. Latino/a Literature: (all subtitles)
English-280: Introduction to Asian-American Literature: (all subtitles)
English-281: Introduction to African-American Literature: (all subtitles)
English-372: Survey of American Indian Literature
English-373: Survey of Ethnic Minority Literature
English-374: Survey of U.S. Latino/a Literature
English-375: Survey of Asian-American Literature
English-376: Survey of African-American Literature to 1930
English-377: Survey of African-American Literature, 1930 - Present
English-380: Media and Society: "Representations of Race in Early American Cinema"
English-463: Writers in African-American Literature: (all subtitles)
English-517: Studies in African-American Literature: "Mythic Spaces in African Epics and African-American Novels and Film"
English-518: Studies in Irish Literature: (all subtitles)
English-519: Studies in Irish-American Literature: (all subtitles)
English-520: Studies in American Indian Literature: (all subtitles)
English-521: Studies in Ethnic Minority Literature: (all subtitles)
English-522: Studies in World Literature Written in English: (all subtitles)
English-523: Studies in U.S. Latino/a Literature: (all subtitles)
English-524: Studies in Asian-American Literature: (all subtitles)
English-624: Seminar in Modern Literature: "After Beckett - Contemporary Anglo-American Drama"
English-631: Seminar in African-American Literature: (all subtitles)
English-632: Seminar in American Indian Literature: (all subtitles)


Geog-114: Geography of Race in the United States


German-141: The German-Americans
German-341: Undergraduate Seminar in German-American Studies: The Germans in Wisconsin and Milwaukee

Hebr St-254: Studies in Hebrew Culture: "The Jewish-American Experience"


Hist-150: Multicultural America
Hist-200: Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues: "Civil Rights Movement in America"
Hist-229: History of Race, Science, and Medicine in the United States
Hist-262: North American Indian History to 1887
Hist-263: North American Indian History Since 1887
Hist-266: Race, Racial Thought, and Prejudice in the United States, 1607 - Present
Hist-267: The History of Latinos in the United States
Hist-269: Asian Americans in Historical Perspective
Hist-272: The Blues: History and Culture
Hist-435: Ethnic America: To 1880
Hist-436: Immigrant America Since 1880
Hist-439: The Italian-American Experience in the United States
Hist-445: African Americans from Slavery to Freedom
Hist-446: African American Since the Civil War
Hist-447: History of the Black Family in America
Hist-455: American Science, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: A Biographical Approach
Hist-473: History of Wisconsin Indians
Hist-474: Topics in North American Indian History: (all subtitles)
Hist-480: The Immigrant Experience: (all subtitles)
Hist-600: Seminar in History: "Race Relations in America"
Hist-600: Seminar in History: "Incarcerated Japanese-Americans and World War II"
Hist-600: Seminar in History: "The Civil Rights Movement"

International Studies

IntlSt-550: Senior Seminar in International Studies: "Ethnic Conflict"


Italian-242: Topics in Italian American Studies: (all subtitles)
Italian-243: Topics in Italian American Film: (all subtitles)

Jewish Studies

Jewish-101: Jewish Culture in America: History, Literature, Film
Jewish-210: Jewish and Ethnic Narratives and Identities in Media
Jewish-260: Negotiating Religion and Nationalism: Jewish Experience in Europe/Middle East

Journalism & Mass Communication

JMC-210: Jewish and Ethnic Narratives and Identities in Media
JMC-450: Race and Ethnicity in the Media

Letters & Science-Social Sciences

L&S SS-106: Med-Prep Seminar: Minority Physicians in America

Latino Studies

Latino-101: Introduction to Latino Studies

Political Science

Pol Sci-193: Freshman Seminar: "Ethnic Conflict and Gender"
Pol Sci-215: Ethnicity, Religion and Race in American Politics
Pol Sci-333: Seminar in Comparative Politics: "Nationalism and Ethnicity"
Pol Sci-387: Seminar in American Politics: "American Indian Tribal Governments"


Portugs-380: Luso-Brazilian Literature in Translation: "Race, Gender, and Military Struggles - Africa, Brazil, etc."


Psych-611: Current Topics: "Race, Ethnicity, and Health"


Sociol-215: Religion and Society
Sociol-224: American Minority Groups
Sociol-320: Social Change in American Indian Societies
Sociol-321: Contemporary Issues of the American Indian
Sociol-323: Perspectives on Latino Communities

Urban Studies Program

Urb Std-360: Perspectives on the Urban Scene: "The History of Milwaukee Ethnic and Racial Communities"