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Certificate Program

The certificate in Comparative Ethnic Studies is awarded to eligible students concurrent with the bachelor's degree. The program examines the nature and development of ethnicity, that is, the sense of community which a people possesses in its own cultural and racial heritage. Comparative Ethnic Studies includes the investigation of a group's social patterns, history, language, religion, literature, and folklore. It is open to students majoring in any field.

The purpose of the certificate program is to enable a student interested in an aspect of Comparative Ethnic Studies to take a coordinated set of courses while completing the requirements for a degree in a conventional discipline or field of knowledge. The certificate, then, signifies the student's specialization in this area of knowledge.


To receive the certificate the student must earn a minimum of 21 credits, at least 12 from UWM, with a grade point average of 2.75 or better from the requirements listed below:

List of Approved Certificate Courses

Students interested in the certificate should contact the director and officially register for the certificate by the beginning of their junior year, at the latest.