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Comparative Ethnic Studies is the study of social identity and power. In this program, students will explore the diverse racial and ethnic identities in contemporary society, and the ways that these identities shape national policy and popular culture.

Major Fact Sheet (pdf - 476kb)

Requirements for the Major

Introductory Courses

There are two required Comparative Ethnic Studies introductory courses which give students a firm grounding in the comparative approach that is essential to the major:

Comparative Method Courses

All Comparative Ethnic Studies students also are required to take at least one comparative methods class selected from:

Track or Individualized Choice Programs

With this firm base of studies, students will then select the Hmong Diaspora Studies track or will work with an advisor to create their own programs, drawing on a list of affiliated classes. The track/individualized portion of the major accounts for 18 credits.

Capstone Class

The following capstone class is usually taken during the senior year. In it, students complete a research project of their own design.


The Comparative Ethnic Studies major program also requires that students complete a 3-credit internship.

Contact Rachel Buff or Chia Vang for further information.