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Joe Austin, Associate Professor
Department of History
Office: Holton Hall 391
Phone: (414) 229-4531

Joe Austin has been teaching American Cultural Diversity classes for about 12 years in Urban Studies and American Cultural Studies departments.

Ph.D., American Studies, University of Minnesota

Research Interests:
Historical intersections of U.S. cities, youth, and popular culture.

He co-edited a collection of essays entitled "Generations of Youth: Youth Cultures and History in Twentieth-Century America" in 1996. He revised and published his dissertation research in 2001 as "Taking the Train: How Graffiti Art Became an Urban Crisis in New York City", which examines the first 2 decades in the history of aerosol art in NYC (1969-1990), contrasting the perspectives of graffiti writers and city elites.

Teaching Interests:
Joe teaches the post-1877 U.S. survey, theory and methods, the capstone course, popular culture, and graduate courses.

Other Interests:
Currently working on graffiti art and goth 'zines, Austin has also recently begun a project on the history of African American youth in U.S. cities in the 20th century.

When he isn't working, he likes to hang out with his partner and their two daughters, to watch horror movies, and to think about what a truly democratic U.S. city might look like.