Caroline Seymour-Jorn

Associate Professor

Office: Curtin Hall 797
Phone: 414-229-5058


Ph.D., Anthropology, 1995, University of Chicago
M.A., Anthropology, 1990, University of Chicago

Research Interests:

Middle Eastern women's literature, intellectuals in the Middle East, Arab-American culture.

Teaching Interests:

Arabic Language and Literature, Anthropology of the Middle East.

Recent Publications:

Sziarto, Kristin M., Mansson Mcginty, Anna M., and Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “Diverse Muslims in a Racialized Landscape: Race, Ethnicity, Islamophobia, and Urban Space in Milwaukee, WI.” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs 34.1 (2014): 1-21.
Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “The Hideout.” Al-Jadid: A Review and Record of Arab Culture and Arts 18.66 (2014): 36-37.
Mansson Mcginty, Anna M., Sziarto, Kristin M., and Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “Research within and against Islamophobia: A collaboration project with Muslim communities.” Social and Cultural Geography 14.1 (2013): 1-22.
Sziarto, Kristin M., Mansson Mcginty, Anna M., and Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “The Muslim Milwaukee Project: Muslims Negotiating Racial and Ethnic Categories.” The Wisconsin Geographer, Wisconsin Geographical Society 25. (2013): 67-94.
cooke, miriam, and Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “Gender in Arabic Literature - heavy revision.” The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women 1. Oxford University Press. (2013): 43-47.
Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “Review of Samia Mehrez's The Literary Life of Cairo.” Northeast African Studies 12.2 Michigan State University Press. (2012): 148-149.
Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “Cultural Criticism in Egyptian Women's Writing: Anthropological and Literary Perspectives.” Syracuse University Press. (2011) .
Seymour-Jorn, Caroline. “A New Language: Salwa Bakr on Depicting Egyptian Women's Worlds.” Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies 11.2 (2000): 151-176.