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French Requirements
Certificate in French and Francophone Studies
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The French program offers a wide range of language, literature, and civilization courses. During any semester, you'll find courses on French and Francophone literatures, advanced civilization and culture, French for business and the professions, and an intensive grammar review. We offer a broad range of conversation and composition courses based on authentic audio and video programs.

Where to Start

Students who have never taken French should begin their study of language with French 103. Students who have previously studied French may begin at a more advanced level. Results of a university-administered test determine advanced placement. It's possible to receive up to 14 retroactive credits of French if, after being placed in a course because of your previous work in the language, you pass it with a grade of B or better. Undergraduate study includes:

Major in French

The major in French consists of 27 credits, at least 15 (numbered 300 and above)taken in residence at UWM. Requirements are as follows:

  • 9 credits in skills courses: French 322, 325, and 327
  • 18 credits in advanced French courses (at the 350 level or above)
    must include two of the following: French 428, 429, 430
  • All majors are required to pass an advanced language proficiency exam, which they are advised to take during the semester in which they complete 18 credits in the major.
  • All majors must complete a capstone experience in their senior year. To fulfill this requirement, students, in consultation with their departmental advisors, may elect any one of the following: an internship and work experience with academic components; international field work; independent study; senior thesis.

Minor in French

The Minor in French consists of a minimum of 18 credits to include:

  • French 204 and 303 (formerly 215)
  • 12 credits within the French curriculum area at the 300-level and above (not including 303), to include courses in literature, language, and civilization. Only the 12 Credits at the 300-level must be taken at UWM.

Minor in Business French

The minor in Business French consists of 18-19 credits to include:

  • French 311 and French 361
  • One 3 credit French civilization course (French 327, 351, 430, 432, or 450)
  • One 3 credit advanced language course (French 303, 325, 410, 411, 425, or 327)
  • 6-7 credits in approved business courses (Business 303 and 201 or 360)


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Certificate in French and Francophone Studies

Education Majors and Minors

If you've already earned a bachelor's degree and wish to become certified in French, consult: