Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff

Film Studies Office Hours (pdf)

Film Studies Faculty

Blasini, Gilberto M.
Associate Professor of English and Director of Film Studies
Ph.D., University of California - Los Angeles
Third Cinemas, Latin American and Caribbean Cinemas, Contemporary Film Theory, Post-1967 U.S. Cinema
e-mail gblasini@uwm.edu

Gorfinkel, Elena
Assistant Professor of Art History and Film Studies
Ph.D., New York University
American Film History and Historiography, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Independent, Marginal and Cult Cinemas
e-mail gorfinke@uwm.edu

Martin, Andrew
Associate Professor of English and Film Studies
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Classical and Contemporary Film History and Theory, Genres, Cinema and the City, Global Studies, Cultural Studies.
e-mail andym@uwm.edu

Oren, Tasha G.
Associate Professor and Associate English Chair, Graduate Studies
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Popular Culture, Film and Media Theory and History, Global Media Studies, Screenwriting, Gaming and digital studies.
e-mail tgoren@uwm.edu

Paik, Peter Y.
Associate Professor and Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature
Ph.D., Cornell University
International Cinema, Film and Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality in Cinema
e-mail pypaik@uwm.edu

Petro, Patrice
Professor and Vice Provost for International Education and Director, Center for International Education
Ph.D., The University of Iowa
Film history, criticism, and theory, Theories of modernism and modernity, Feminist and critical theory
e-mail ppetro@uwm.edu

Szczepaniak-Gillece, Jocelyn J.
Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies
Ph.D., Northwestern University
American exhibition, theatrical architecture and technology, spectatorship and film theory
e-mail szczepan@uwm.edu

Williams, Tami M.
Associate Professor of English and Film Studies
Ph.D., University of California - Los Angeles
National Cinemas, Global Women Directors, Film History and Aesthetics
e-mail tamiw@uwm.edu

Instructional Academic Staff

Schneider, Benjamin, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Director and Program Advisor, Film Studies
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
U.S. Independent Cinema, Adaptation Studies, Genre Studies, Popular Culture
e-mail terrapin@uwm.edu