Biological Sciences

FYRE: 1st Year Research Experience in Biological Science (Full)

Dadd Saffarini, Professor

Course: BIO SCI 194, SEM 001
Class Number: 34137
Credits: 3 NS
Time: F 11:00 AM - 1:50 PM
Place: LAP S480

Note: Requires concurrent registration in one of the following Math courses:  116, 117, 211 or 231 - Talk to your advisor.

Course Description:

What makes a cell a cell, and how can we tell?  This research seminar will revolve around building an experimental description of the structure and function of cell components. From measuring protein concentrations in cells, to isolating DNA, to calculating the growth of single cell organisms, students will be immersed in the use of a broad variety of analytical and experimental techniques aimed towards developing a modern picture of cellular composition. Cutting-edge scientific techniques will be used to illustrate how data can be usefully combined with theory to drive inquiry into what secrets lie within these building blocks of life.