Growth and Development of China, Japan and Korea (Canceled)

Sunwoong Kim, Professor

Course: ECON 193, SEM 001
Class Number: 46919
Credits: 3 SS
Time: MW 12:30 – 1:45PM
Place: BOL B72

Course Description:

This course is designed to survey the modern economic growth and development of East Asian countries, particularly Japan, China, and Korea. There has been growing interest in the region as the economic power of the region and the relationship with the United States grew stronger. This course takes a rather broad perspective in analyzing the economic developments. Geographical, social, cultural, and political aspects will also be considered.

As a freshmen seminar, this course will try to teach study and research skills through discussions, public speaking, internet search/research, and paper writing. Hands-on learning experience will be emphasized throughout the course. The course aims to develop self-learning, class discussion, basic computer skills, and good study habits. Attendance and class participation are crucial. Students are expected to show up to the classes with proper preparation. Late submittals of homework would be only accepted with appropriate excuses.

About the Instructor:

Sunwoong Kim is Professor of Economics. Born and raised in Korea, and came to the U.S. as a graduate student. His research interests include economics of education, urban and real estate economics, and labor economics. Currently he works on several policy issues on education and labor issues. He has published numerous articles in professional journals in various disciplines in social sciences. Currently he is the Co-Editor of International Economics Journal. For more information, visit his home page,