Wiki Nation: Producing the Internet (Canceled)

Mary Brehm, Senior Lecturer

Course: ENGLISH 192, SEM 002
Class Number: 28429
Credits: 3 HU
Time: MW: 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Place: NWQ G558

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to scholarship on the Internet. Students read and analyze texts written by scholars who represent perspectives ranging from cyber-enthusiast to digital dystopian. Featured authors include Nicholas Carr, Andrew Keen, Astra Taylor, Sherry Turkle, Jaron Lanier, Eli Pariser, Clay Shirky, Jeff Jarvis and David Rose. We will start with Carr’s seminal article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” and end with Rose’s book about the Internet of Things (IoT). Critical reading strategies are discussed in the first part of the semester as students develop their ability to interpret and respond to challenging texts. At the end of the semester, students select and read a book (or a book chapter) written by one of our course authors, write a critical review of the book/chapter, and present their critical review as a digital text (website).

Course Goals:

The overall focus of the class is critical thinking and inquiry. Specific learning goals are as follows:

  • Develop understanding of key concepts and questions in the field
  • Read texts closely and critically
  • Discuss and critique theories of the Internet
  • Critically review a recently published book and present the review as a website

Work Involved:

The work of the course will include weekly responses to assigned readings via blog posts (25%) and in-class writing (25%), a comprehensive exam (25%) and the final project, a critical book review presented as a website (25%). Regular attendance is required.

About the Instructor:

Mary Brehm is a Senior Lecturer in the English Department. Her graduate degree is in linguistics, but her ongoing research interest is the intersection of culture and technology. She teaches writing and research (English 102) in both traditional classroom and online formats.