Film Studies

Film and Place in the Contemporary World

Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece, Associate Lecturer

Course: FilmStd 192, SEM 001
Class Number: 33907
Credits: 3 HU
Time: TR 4:00 - 5:50pm
Place: CRT 104

Course Description:

We live in a globalized and mediated world where the movies we watch provide insight into the places where we work, eat, study, sleep, communicate, and dream. Analyzing film allows us to take a closer look at our relationships to the city and the country, to our homelands and foreign lands, to architecture, to modes of transportation, to the environment, and to Earth itself.

In this class, we’ll look at various examples of global cinema’s interpretation of place, and think about how films can help us to understand our own positions in space and time. A secondary goal of the class is to introduce you to critical issues in film studies. Films will be drawn from around the world; examples will include Fish Tank (UK), Fruitvale Station (USA), Still Life (China), Moon (UK), How I Ended This Summer (Russia), I’m Gonna Explode (Mexico), Ten (Iran), Beasts of the Southern Wild (USA), and Nostalgia for the Light (Chile).

About the Instructor:

Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece is an assistant professor of English and Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her work centers on American cinema architecture and how the place in which we watch movies affects how we watch movies.