Physics Seminars

Physics for Future Presidents (Alex Ormandy)
This is a non-calculus introduction to physics for the intellectually curious. Some of the questions we will discuss, include ...
  • How do we know something is true? What is truth? Is it a matter of opinion?
  • Does Einstein’s Relativity mean everything is relative? Relative to what?
  • Is there something wrong with you if you understand Quantum Mechanics?
  • What is the role of physics in everyday life? Is the question an oxymoron?
FYRE: 1st Year Research Experience in Physics (Valerica Raicu)
The first part of this research seminar introduces students to quantitative aspects of physics and biophysics through basic but exciting optics experiments using lenses and mirrors as well as hands-on exercises involving construction and use of optical tools such as microscopes, telescopes and spectrometers.

Note: Requires concurrent registration in one of the following Math courses:  116, 117, 211 or 231 - Talk to your advisor.