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Two-Year Course Planning Schedule
This two-year provisional schedule is available to assist you with long-term planning. Please note that this schedule is subject to change and represents our best projection as of the date on the document. Please refer to the UWM Schedule of Classes for each term before registering to confirm which classes are offered.

Why Study Chinese?

China is the world’s most dynamic economy, with 7-9% annual growth of GDP. China is becoming one of the biggest players in global business, and since 2004 it has been the world’s number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world. There are currently around 1.4 billion speakers of Mandarin, which is the official language of the People’s Republic of China and of Taiwan. Mandarin is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is also spoken by many overseas Chinese people from all around the world. All in all, about one-fifth of the people in the world speak some form of Chinese as their native language.

China has over 5,000 years of history, and a uniquely rich and colorful culture. Learning the language is an essential step towards understanding the culture of China.

Career Opportunities

The Chinese Program at UWM works with the School of Education, the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business, and the Center for International Education to provide necessary knowledge, language skills, and cultural understanding for students to succeed in teaching, business, translation, and interpretation.

Teaching Chinese

Students interested in teaching Chinese should ensure they understand the options and requirements of the School of Education:

Chinese Language & Culture Submajor

Students who are interested in a career outside of teaching the language should consider the Chinese Language and Culture major. Chinese Language and Culture is available as an option with the Committee Interdisciplinary Major (CIM). CIM majors “build” their own major by working with a committee of faculty members to design a custom program that meets campus and college academic degree requirements and that fulfills their personal educational and career objectives.

Students new to Chinese begin their study of language with Chinese 101. Students who have previously studied Chinese may begin at a more advanced level by taking a placement test. It is possible to receive up to 14 retroactive credits of Chinese if, after placing in a higher-level course, you pass with a grade of B or better. In addition, students are required to take culture-related courses that are taught using the target language.

The Chinese Language and Culture major requires completion of 30 credits, with at least 15 taken in residence at UWM. Of the 30 credits required to graduate, 18 must be courses conducted in Chinese language at the 300-level or above.

Fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth semester Chinese are required as the core language courses in the program as is a capstone course (FLL 699).

Students must also choose one of the following:

  • Chinese 320: Contemporary Chinese Societies through Film, 3 credits
  • Chinese 330: Chinese Language and Culture, 3 credits — under development
  • Chinese 441: Business Chinese, 3 credits

The remaining required credits are chosen from these electives:

  • ArtHist 382: Chinese Art & Architecture, 3 credits
  • ArtHist 480: Chinese Painting, 3 credits
  • ArtHist 481: Topics in Chinese Art, 1-3 credits
  • Chinese 110: Chinese Popular Culture, 3 credits — under development
  • Chinese 130: Business Chinese: Language, Culture, and Business Practice, 2 credits — under development
  • Chinese 150: Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture, 3 credits
  • Chinese 200: Chinese Calligraphy, 3 credits
  • Chinese 497: Study Abroad, 3 credits — highly encouraged
  • Chinese 699: Independent Reading, 1-3 credits
  • CompLit 192: Freshman Seminar: “Secrets of Chinese Cinema”, 3 credits
  • CompLit 230: Literature & Societies: “Chinese Literature before the 20th Century”, 3 credits
  • CompLit 360: Seminar in Literature & Cultural Experience: “Modern Chinese Literature”, 3 credits
  • CompLit 363: Chinese Literature in the Global Context, 3 credits
  • English 316: World Cinema: Hong Kong Cinema, 3 credits
  • Hist 376: History of Ancient China: Earliest Times to 220 A.D., 3 credits
  • Hist 377: Modern China, 3 credits
  • Hist 378: Revolution in China, 3 credits
  • Linguis 200: Introduction to Chinese Linguistics, 3 credits — under development
  • PolSci 314: Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy, 3 credits

Chinese Minor

In addition to offering a sequence of language courses that will meet the language requirement of the L&S degree, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature offers a minor in Chinese. A minor may be of interest to students pursuing the Certificate in Asian Studies, the International Studies Major, and the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies.

The Minor in Chinese consists of 19 credits:

  • Chinese 201: Third Semester Chinese, 5 credits
  • Chinese 202: Fourth Semester Chinese, 5 credits
  • Chinese 301: Fifth Semester Chinese, 4 credits
  • Chinese 302: Sixth Semester Chinese, 4 credits
  • An additional upper-level, 3-credit language requirement to be completed in one of three ways:
    • Chinese 310: Business Chinese, 3 credits;
    • Chinese 497: Study Abroad, 3 credits; or
    • Chinese 699: Advanced Independent Study, 3 credits

Scholarships and Awards

Each spring, two or more UWM students receive the Mandarin Enrichment Award from the R.O.C. Ministry of Education. Advanced students have been awarded the Fulbright/CLASS Scholarship for language and teacher training conducted in China.

Annually, the best student in the highest level of Chinese is nominated for the WAFLT Excellence in Foreign Language Study Award.

Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad. The Chinese Language Program offers short-term study abroad programs in China during the summer and in Taiwan during the UWinteriM. Up to 12 credits will be accepted from study abroad programs for the CIM submajor in Chinese.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club at UWM is open to all of the students in the Chinese Program and anyone who is interested in Chinese language and culture. The Club organizes various activities to enhance members’ understanding of Chinese culture and to improve their language proficiency.

Interested in This Major?

Contact the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature:

Xiaorong Wang
Curtin Hall, Room 815
phone: 414-229-2492