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Minor in Chinese Language and Culture

The Chinese Language and Culture major requires completion of 30 credits, with at least 15 of them at the advanced level (300 or above) taken in residence at UWM. Of the 30 credits required to graduate, a minimum of 18 must be courses conducted in the Chinese language at the 300-level or above. Culture-related courses that are taught in Chinese are required.

The major requires a 2.5 GPA on all major credits, including any transfer credits.

Required Courses

Chinese 301 – Fifth Semester Chinese, 3 credits
Chinese 302 – Sixth Semester Chinese, 3 credits
Chinese 401 – Seventh Semester Chinese, 3 credits
Chinese 402 – Eighth Semester Chinese, 3 credits

Students whose language skills allow them to begin their study of Chinese beyond the fifth semester course must discuss with the advisor appropriate substitute courses in order to complete the required 30 credits.

One of the following two courses:

Chinese 320 – Contemporary Chinese Societies through Film
Chinese 330 – Chinese Language and Culture
Chinese 441 – Business Chinese

Capstone Course:
The following course serves as the capstone for the major and satisfies the research requirement of the L&S degree.

FLL 699 – Independent Study, 1-3 credits (students must earn 3 cr.)

Elective Courses:
Students select additional courses from the following approved electives to reach a total of 30 credits. Each course is 3 credits unless otherwise stated.

ArtHist 382 – Chinese Art and Architecture
ArtHist 480 – Chinese Painting
ArtHist 481 – Topics in Chinese Art, 1-3 credits
Chinese 110 – Chinese Popular Culture (in process)
Chinese 130 – Business Chinese: Language, Culture, and Business Practice
Chinese 150 – Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
Chinese 160 – A Taste of China: Learning Chinese Culture and Society through Cuisine
Chinese 200 – Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese 397 – Study Abroad
Chinese 487 – Internship in Chinese, 1-3 credits
Chinese 497 – Study Abroad (highly encouraged)
Chinese 699 – Independent Reading, 1-3 credits

CompLit 192 – Freshman Seminar: Secrets of Chinese Cinema
CompLit 230 – Literature and Society: Chinese Literature before the 20th Century
CompLit 360 – Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: Modern Chinese Literature
CompLit 362 – Transnational Asian Cinema: New Chinese Cinema
CompLit 363 – Chinese Literature in the Global Context
Econ 193 – First-Year Seminar: Growth and Development in China, Japan, and Korea
English 316 – World Cinema: Hong Kong Cinema
Hist 175 – East Asian Civilization to 1600
Hist 269 – Asian Americans in Historical Perspective
Hist 376 – History of Ancient China: Earliest Times to 220 A.D.
Hist 377 – Modern China
Hist 378 – Revolution in China
Linguis 200 – Aspects of Language: Introduction to Chinese Linguistics (in process)
Philos 204 – Introduction to Asian Religions
Pol Sci 314 – Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy

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