Kevin MuseKevin B. Muse

Associate Professor

Office: Curtin Hall 813
Phone: 414-229-5213


Ph.D., University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill

Research Interests:

Latin prose and poetry; Greek and Roman social history; Roman law and religion

Teaching Interests:

Roman civilization; Elementary Greek and Latin; Greek and Latin literature

Courses Taught:

Classics 303: Introduction to Life and Literature of the Roman Empire
Latin 104: Second-Semester Latin
Greek 104: Second-Semester Greek

Selected Publications:

"'Fleecing Remus' Magnanimous Playboys: Wordplay in Catullus 58." Hermes 137.3 (2009): 302-13.

"Prodigals and Avenging Spirits: A Comment on PCG Adespota 578." Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 161 (2007): 17-19.

"Sergestus and Tarchon in the Aeneid." Classical Quarterly, 57.2 (2007): 586-605.