L&S Academic Forms

Campus Academic Forms
CAR Online (Course Action Request Process)
Online Program Change Form
Online Curricular Area Form
Schedule of Classes Production Resources
Schedule of Classes Change Request Form
Open Meeting Notice Online Form
L&S Curriculum Forms
Independent Study Form (Word, pdf 35kb)
Special Listing Request (PDF Form)
Request to Inactivate/Reactivate Course(s) (Word Form)
Request for Ad Hoc Course (Word Form)
Meeting Schedule Form (Word Form)
L&S Certificate Program Documents
Certificate Program Annual Report Model (Word)
Certificate Program Coordinators Guidelines (Word)
Declaration of Certificate Program (Word)
Custom Certificate Declaration Forms
Review Guidelines for Undergraduate Certificates (Word)
New Certificate Program Proposal (Word)
Joint Undergraduate Certificate Postcard (Side 1 (pdf), Side 2 (pdf))