Anne BondsAnne Bonds

Assistant Professor

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 462
Phone: 414-229-4872
Curriculum Vitae: pdf (125kb)
Research Website:

Mailing Address:

Professor Anne Bonds
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201


Ph.D., Geography, University of Washington, 2008
M.A., Women's Studies, University of Arizona, 2003
B.S., Economics, University of Wyoming, 2001

Courses Taught:

Geog 105: Introduction to Human Geography - Syllabus (123kb)
Geog 114: The Geography of Race in the U.S. - Syllabus (118kb)
Geog 315: Introductory Economic Geography - Syllabus (116kb)
Geog 441: Geography of Cities and Metropolitan Areas – Syllabus (172kb)
Geog 600: Perspectives on Geography - Syllabus (753kb)
Geog 727: Qualitative Methods - Syllabus (170kb)
Geog/Urb St 945: The Internal Structure of the City - Syllabus (179kb)

Office Hours:

T,Th, 2:00-3:00pm and by appointment

Research Interests:

Political economy; Social theory & critical geographies of race and gender; Geographies of poverty and inequality; The politics of economic development; and Critical prison studies.

Representative Publications:

Bonds, Anne. 2013. Economic Development and Relational Racialization: ‘Yes in My Backyard’ Politics and the Racialized Reinvention of Madras, Oregon. The Annals of the Association of American Geographers (forthcoming).

Bonds, Anne. 2013. Racing Economic Geography: The Place of Race in Economic Geography. Geography Compass. 7 (6), pp 398 -411.

Inwood, Josh and Anne Bonds. 2013. On Racial Difference and Revolution. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Human Geography 45 (3), pp 517-520.

Herguth, Melissa, Judith Kenny, and Anne Bonds. 2012. More than Houses: The Economic Impact of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity's Development Strategy. The Wisconsin Geographer (forthcoming).

Lawson, Victoria, Lucy Jarosz, and Anne Bonds. 2010. Articulations of Poverty and Place: Dumping grounds and unseen grounds in the American Northwest. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 100(3), pp. 655-675.

Bonds, Anne. 2009. Discipline and Devolution: Constructions of Poverty, Race, and Criminality in the Politics of Rural Prison Development. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography, 41(3).

Lawson, Victoria, Lucy Jarosz, and Anne Bonds. 2008. Building the Economy from the Bottom Up: (mis)representations of Poverty in the Rural American Northwest. Social and Cultural Geography, 9(7), pp. 737-754.