Woonsup Choi

Associate Professor

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 496
Phone: 414-229-2671
e-mail: choiw@uwm.edu
Curriculum Vitae: pdf (152kb)
Web Site: people.uwm.edu/~choiw/


Ph.D., Geography, University of Illinois, Urbana, 2005
M.A., Geography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1997
B.A., Geography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1995

Mailing Address:

Professor Woonsup Choi
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Courses Taught:

Geog 120: Our Physical Environment - Syllabus (149kb); Online Syllabus (587kb)
Geog 403: Remote Sensing: Environmental and Land Use Analysis - Syllabus (48kb)
Geog 415: Hydrogeography - Syllabus (195kb)
Geog 520: Physical Geography of the City - Syllabus (57kb)
Geog 547: Spatial Analysis - Syllabus (45kb)

Research and Teaching Interests:

Hydrological modeling
Effect of climate change and urbanization on water resources
Geographical Information Sciences

Representative Publications:

Kang, S, and Choi, Woonsup. “Forest cover changes in North Korea since the 1980s.” Regional Environmental Change, Springer 14.1 (2014): 347-354.
Choi, Woonsup. “Editorial: Climate change, urbanization and hydrological disasters.” Disaster Advances 6.5 (2013): 1-2.
Choi, Woonsup, Tareghian, J, Choi, J, and Hwang, C. “Geographically heterogeneous temporal trends of extreme high precipitation in Wisconsin, USA during 1950-2006.” International Journal of Climatology, Wiley (2013) .
Thoenen, Casey, Choi, Woonsup, and Choi, Jinmu. “Early summer dissolved oxygen characteristics in restored streams in Seoul.” Journal of the Korean Geographical Society 48.3 (2013): 336-347.
Kang, S, Choi, Woonsup, and Schierenbeck, T. “Spatial characteristics of storm damage in rice paddy and residential areas in Gyeonggi-do (province), Korea.” Disaster Advances 5.4 (2012): 524-535.
Choi, Woonsup, Keuser, Anke P., and Becker, Stefan. “Identification of mid-latitudinal regional and urban temperature variabilities based on regional reanalysis data.” Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Springer 107. (2012): 87-98.
Kult, Jonathan M., Choi, Woonsup, and Keuser, Anke P. “Snowmelt runoff modeling: Limitations and potential for mitigating water disputes.” Journal of Hydrology, Elsvier 430-431. (2012): 179-181.
Choi, Woonsup, Galasinski, U., Cho, S. J., and Hwang, C. “A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Groundwater Level Changes in Relation to Urban Growth and Groundwater Recharge Potential for Waukesha County, Wisconsin.” Geographical Analysis, Wiley 44.3 (2012): 219-234.
Choi, Woonsup, Keuser, A. P. M., and Becker, S. “Air Temperature Variability in Illinois Based on Weather Station Records and the North American Regional Reanalysis from 1979 to 2006.” Physical Geography 32.4 (2011): 338-355.
Choi, Woonsup, Kim, Sung Joon, Rasmussen, Peter F., and Moore, Adam R. “Use of the North American Regional Reanalysis for hydrological modelling in Manitoba.” Canadian Water Resources Journal 34.1 (2009): 17-36.
Choi, Woonsup, Rasmussen, Peter F., Moore, Adam R., and Kim, Sung Joon. “Simulating streamflow response to climate scenarios in central Canada using a simple statistical downscaling method.” Climate Research 40. (2009): 89-102.