Rina GhoseRina Ghose


Graduate Program Chair

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 450
Phone: 414-229-4797
Fax: 414-229-3981
e-mail: rghose@uwm.edu
Web Site: www.uwm.edu/~rghose
Curriculum Vitae: pdf (127kb)

Mailing Address:

Professor Rina Ghose
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201


Ph.D., Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1998
M.A., Geography, University of Montana, 1993
B.A., Geography Honors, University of Calcutta, India, 1988

Courses Taught:

Geog 110: The World - Peoples and Regions
Geog 215: Introduction to Geographic Information Science
Geog 470: Geography of South Asia
Geog 525: Geographic Information Science
Geog 734: GIS and Society
Geog 934: Seminar in Urban Geography

Office Hours:

Thursday 1pm to 1:50pm or by appointment

Research Interests:

Urban Governance in the Neoliberal State, Community Gardening and Urban Agricultural Practices, GIS in public participation and urban governance, Citizen Science and Geospatial Technology

Teaching Interests:

GIS, South Asia, Urban Geography, World Regional Geography

Representative Publications:

Ghose, , and Pettygrove, M. “Actors and Networks in Urban Community Garden Formation.” Geoforum 53. (2014): 93-103.
Ghose, Rina, and Pettygrove, M. “Urban Community Gardens as Spaces of Citizenship.” Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography, Wiley Blackwell 46.4 (2014): 1092-1112.
Mukherjee, F., and Ghose, Rina. “E-Planning through Municipal GIS in India.” International Journal of E-Planning and Research 2.2 (2013): 24-39.
Ghose, Rina. “Qualitative GIS in Urban Justice Research.” International GIScience Conference Proceedings (2012) .
Mukherjee, F., and Ghose, Rina. “Exploring the Complexities of Community Engaged GIS.” International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR) 3.4 (2012): 87-102.
Day, P., and Ghose, Rina. “E-planning through the Wisconsin Land Information Program: The contexts of power, politics and scale.” International Journal of E-Planning Research 1.1 (2012): 75-89.
Mukherjee, F., and Ghose, Rina. “Tracing the Historic Trajectory of GIS Development and Its Effects on Contemporary Practices.” Journal of Urban Technology 18.3 (2011): 141-158.
Elwood, Sarah, and Ghose, Rina. “Reflection Essay: PPGIS in Community Development Planning.” Classics in Cartography: Reflections on influential articles from Cartographica Ed. Dodge, Martin. John Wiley and Sons. (2011): 107-118.