Mary Jo Read Travel Scholarships – 2014-2015

For Geography Graduate Students and Undergraduate Majors

The Dean of the College of Letters and Science and the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are pleased to announce the 2014-2015 Mary Jo Read Travel Scholarships for geography graduate students and undergraduate majors. These scholarships provide travel grants to fund capstone travel, research, and professional development experiences.

Dr. Read received a doctorate in geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1942, and was the first woman to do so. She taught geography at UW-Milwaukee from 1940-1965, serving as Department Chair from 1958-1963. Dr. Read (1911–1998) endowed a trust during her lifetime to provide graduate and undergraduate fellowships to outstanding students in Geography. Scholarships are awarded in keeping with her wishes.


The Mary Jo Read Travel Scholarship competition is open to:

  • Undergraduate students majoring in geography at UW-Milwaukee
  • Graduate students in the UW-Milwaukee geography master's or doctoral programs

Categories of Awards

Awards are made in two categories:

  • Category 1 – Travel support for professional development experiences, such as presentation of a paper at a major academic conference; or
  • Category 2 – Travel support for course-related research field experiences, including dissertation field research.

In order to be eligible for Category 1 awards, students must agree to submit a complete expense report after the conference, along with a short (1-page) report that includes the abstract and details of their presentation. In order to be eligible for Category 2 awards, students must agree to submit a complete expense report after their research-related travel, along with a two page report on what was accomplished, including the associated course. Research-related travel must be connected to specific course work, such as Geog. 654 or 990, that is registered for in an appropriate semester.

To apply submit the following documentation to Prof. Mick Day, Chair, Mary Jo Read Scholarship Committee, Department of Geography, by Wednesday, December 31st, 2014:

  • A brief letter of application (300 to 500 words) listing the category of award you are applying for, describing your academic interests and goals, and explaining how the Mary Jo Read Travel Scholarship will enhance your professional development (Category 1) or course-related field research (Category 2) experience;
  • A specific plan (including a budget) of when and where your travel will occur; and
  • Curriculum vitae containing personal information (name, student number, address, phone, email); academic achievements, awards and honors (excluding high school); and current or recent extracurricular activities including volunteer work.