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News - 2010

Faculty News - Fall 2010

Woonsup Choi

  • Was awarded $2,816 Salary for Undergraduate Research Fellows from the Office of Undergraduate Research for the academic year 2010-2011.
  • Presented a poster at the Meeting of the Americas 2010 of American Geophysical Union held in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. The poster is entitled "Geographical and Temporal Variability of Temperature over Minnesota and Wisconsin Identified from North American Regional Reanalysis Data" and was co-authored by Anke Keuser at UWM.
  • Traveled to Korea from late May to early June using the fund from the Faculty/Academic Staff Travel Awards to Develop/Implement Overseas Field Research Experiences for Undergraduates from the Center for International Education.
  • Co-organized two consecutive paper sessions entitled "Climate Change and Water Resources: From Impact Assessment to Adaptation" at the 2010 AAG annual meeting with Dr. Heejun Chang at Portland State University
  • Presented a paper at the AAG meeting entitled "Temperature Trend in North and Central Illinois from Weather Stations and North American Regional Reanalysis" and co-authored by Anke Keuser.

Michael J. Day

Was on sabbatical leave during Spring 2010, carrying out research on protected karst areas in the Caribbean and Central America.

Published following papers:

  1. Day, M.J. Human interaction with Caribbean karst landscapes: past, present and future. Acta Carsologica 39(1): 137- 146.
  2. Day, M.J. Challenges to sustainability of the Caribbean karst. Geologia Croatica 63(2): 63-68.
  3. Day, M.J. A speleological origin for the Leland Natural Bridge, Wisconsin? The Wisconsin Geographer 23: 50-66.
  4. Day, M.J. and Huang, W. Reflections on fengcong and fenglin. Cave and Karst Science 36(2): 49-51.
  5. Day, M.J. and Waltham, A.W. The pinnacle karren fields of Mulu. In: Karst Rock Features: Karren Sculpturing, ed. A. Gines, M. Knez, T. Slabe and W. Dreybrodt. ZRC Publishing, Ljubljana, Slovenia: 423-432.
  6. Mauel, S. and Day, M.J. Real-time delimitation of southwestern Wisconsin's karst boundaries using soils data, GIS and GPS. The Wisconsin Geographer 23: 67-86.

Christopher De Sousa

Published papers in the Carolina Planning journal and in Urban Studies

Changshan Wu

Published or had accepted for publication following papers

  1. Jose L. Silvan-Cardenas, Le Wang, Peter Rogerson, Changshan Wu, Tiantian Feng, and Benjamin D. Kamphaus, Assessing fine spatial resolution remote sensing for small area population estimation, International Journal of Remote Sensing.
  2. Rama P. Mohapatra and Changshan Wu, High Resolution Impervious Surface Estimation: an Integration of IKONOS and Landsat-7 ETM+ Imagery, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing.
  3. Chengbing Deng, Changshan Wu, and Le Wang, Improving Housing Unit Method for Small Area Population Estimation Using Remote Sensing and GIS Information, International Journal of Remote Sensing.

Student News - Fall 2010

Jonathan Burkham

Returned to Milwaukee after six months of fieldwork in a small village in west central Mexico

Chengbin Deng

Received a studentship award for the 30th Annual ESRI International User Conference, an informative conference in the GIS industry attended by above 13,000 users in San Diego, California in mid-July.

Jeff Sponcia

Had a busy summer interning at Lutheran Social Services in Milwaukee in their Refugee Resettlement department.

Nicholas L. Padilla

Spent June and July living with a Quichua community in eastern Ecuador, attempting to speak Quichua, focusing on indigenous plant knowledge, and learning a different worldview.

Rama Mohapatra

Have accepted a pre-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Geography, Minnesota State University at Mankato.

I-Hui Lin

Made a trip to Minneapolis, MN during the summer for dissertation research about neighborhood parks

Faculty News - Spring 2010

Rina Ghose

Published the following papers:
Lin, W. & R. Ghose. (2010) Social Construction of GIS in China's Changing Urban Governance: The Case of Shenzhen, Cartographica 45(2), forthcoming.

Mukherjee, F. & R. Ghose. (2009) Complexities in GIS Spatial Knowledge Production in Dane County, Wisconsin. Cartography and Geographic Information Science 36(4): 299-314.

Mark Schwartz

Published the following papers:
Schwartz, M.D., & J.M. Hanes. (2010) Continental-scale phenology: warming and chilling. International Journal of Climatology (in press, published online DOI: 10.1002/joc.2014).

Schwartz, M. D., & J. M. Hanes. (2010) Intercomparing Multiple Measures of the Onset of Spring in Eastern North America. International Journal of Climatology (in press, published online DOI: 10.1002/joc.2008).

Student News - Spring 2010

Nick Padilla

Nick was awarded a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship through the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at UWM. He will spend two months this summer in Ecuador studying beginning and intermediate Quichua language and culture through the Arizona State University Andes and Amazon Field School.

News - 2009

Faculty News - Spring 2009

Anne Bonds

Published "Discipline and Devolution: Constructions of Poverty, Race, and Criminality in the Politics of Rural Prison Development," in Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography, 41(3), pp. 416-438.

Woonsup Choi

Selected for UWM Graduate School Research Fellowship and Graduate School Research Committee Award.

Published "Use of the North American Regional Reanalysis for hydrological modeling in Manitoba," in Canadian Water Resources Journal with S.J. Kim, P.F. Rasmussen, and A.R. Moore.

Mick Day

Reappointed to Steering Committee, International Geographical Union Karst Commission, 2008-2012.

Appointed Regional Vice-Chair for Central America and the Caribbean, WCPA Task Force on Caves and Karst, 2008-present.

Rina Ghose

Published "Investigating Middle Class Migration and Rural Gentrification in Western Montana," book chapter in Country Dreams and City Schemes: Utopian Visions of the Twentieth Century American West, edited by Kathleen Brosnan and Amy Scott, University of New Mexico Press, forthcoming.

Selected for UWM Graduate School Research Committee Award for research proposal "Investigating Citizen Participation in Privatized Collaborative Planning in Inner-City Milwaukee."

Linda McCarthy

Completed a research sabbatical (2007-2008) in Guangzhou, China.

Paper presentation at the International Symposium on Mega-City Regions: Innovations in Governance and Planning, which was held in Hong Kong in August 2008.

Chris de Sousa

Published "Assessing the Effect of Publicly Supported Brownfield Redevelopment on Surrounding Property Values, " in Economic Development Quarterly 23(2): 95-110, with Wu, C. and L. Westphal.

De Sousa, C. Invited to deliver the opening special presentation, "The Evolving Nature of Urban Brownfields Redevelopment: Where We Are, Where We Are Going and How We’re Getting There," Western Canada Contaminated Sites Conference, Calgary, Alberta, February 23, 2008.

Student News - Spring 2009

Falguni Mukerjee

Published (with R. Ghose) "Complexities in GIS Spatial Knowledge Production in Dane County, Wisconsin" in Cartography and Geographic Information Science, forthcoming.

Wen Lin

Wen Lin will join UW-La Crosse as an Assistant Professor in Geography.

Published (with R. Ghose) "Social Constructions of GIS in China's Changing Urban Governance: The Case of Shenzhen." Cartographica, forthcoming, with R. Ghose).

Published "GIS Development in China's Urban Governance: A Case Study of Shenzhen." Transactions in GIS, 12(4), 493-514.

Published (with R. Ghose) "Complexities in Sustainable Provision of GIS for Urban Grassroots Organizations." Cartographica, 43(1), 31-44.