Geography Research

Research in geography is rich and exciting because it brings together diverse theoretical and methodological approaches with empirically grounded examinations. One of the many strengths of the discipline of Geography lies in its ability to integrate ideas about natural environments, human activities, and social institutions.

Faculty and students in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have disparate research interests and agendas, but we are united though our passion for understanding more about the interactions among places, peoples, and environments. Faculty research and departmental degree programs focus on "urban environments."

Our renowned faculty has the following specific areas of expertise:

  • GIS (Geographic Information Science) and Society;
  • Transportation and GIS; Environmental Change and Sustainability;
  • GIS, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Analysis;
  • Social and Environmental Justice;
  • Race, Class, and Gender;
  • Urban Inequality;
  • Urban Housing and Landscapes;
  • Globalization and Economic Development;
  • Immigration and Refugees;
  • Biogeography;
  • Climate Change and Water;
  • Vegetation-Climate Interactions; and
  • Karst Landscapes and Geomorphology