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Geography analyzes spatial patterns and regional associations of the physical and cultural environments. It is concerned with human relationships with these environments as they exist now, existed in the past, and may or should exist in the future. The Department of Geography works closely with the Cartography and Geography Information Science (GIS) Center and the American Geographical Society Library, one of the largest assemblages of geographical materials in the world.

Geography majors may earn either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Students should consult their major advisor for the choice of a degree. In general, students in physical system Track are recommended for a Bachelor of Science degree. Students in other tracks may choose to graduate with either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree depending on their advisor's suggestion.

For further information about declaring the major or minor, please contact:

Kristin Sziarto
Office: Bolton Hall 468
Phone: 414-229-3941
e-mail: sziarto@uwm.edu

For further information about exceptions to the standard program, please contact:

Glen Fredlund
Office: Bolton Hall 486
Phone: 414-229-6112
e-mail: fredlund@uwm.edu