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Geography majors may earn either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Students should consult their major advisor for the choice of a degree. In general, students in physical system Track are recommended for a Bachelor of Science degree. Students in other tracks may choose to graduate with either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree depending on their advisor's suggestion.

Geography analyzes spatial patterns and regional associations of the physical and cultural environments. It is concerned with human relationships with these environments as they exist now, existed in the past, and may or should exist in the future. The Department of Geography works closely with the Cartography and Geography Information Science (GIS) Center and the American Geographical Society Library, one of the largest assemblages of geographical materials in the world. For purposes of satisfying various degree requirements, some courses in geography are classified as natural science while others are classified as social science. Consult the current L&S Degree Requirements Web site (http://www.uwm.edu/letsci/requirements/index.html) to determine which courses count as natural science.

Course of Study: Major

Students must meet with the department's undergraduate advisor to declare geography as a major. All majors must complete the 24-25-credit core curriculum and the additional requirements as defined in one of the 5 tracks:

  1. geographic information,
  2. urban,
  3. environmental,
  4. physical systems, or
  5. regional and educational

Geography majors may earn either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The physical systems Track is recommended for Bachelor of Science students. In satisfying their major requirements, all students must complete at least 37 credits in geography, 18 of which must be at or above the 300 level, with at least 15 of those taken in residence at UWM. Courses taken outside geography that fulfill geography requirements will be included in the GPA. Majors must have a 2.5 GPA in all geography credits attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.5 GPA in all major credits attempted, including transfer work.

Course of Study: Minor

The geography minor requires the completion, with a GPA of 2.5 or above in all geography courses attempted at UWM, of 18 credits in geography courses, at least 9 of which must be at the 300 level or above taken in residence at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.5 GPA on all courses attempted in the minor, including transfer work. The following are required:

One introductory human or cultural geography course {105, 110, 113, 114, 115, 140, 170, or 213 (112)}

One introductory physical geography course (120 or 125)

One geographic analysis course (215, 225, or 405)

Crosslisted Courses

The following courses offered by the Department of Geosciences may be used to fulfill the requirements of the undergraduate major or minor in geography.

Geo Sci 401 General Soil Science
Geo Sci 409 Process Geomorphology
Geo Sci 550 Soils, Landscape, and the Environment

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