Danielle SiegerDanielle Sieger; Undergraduate Student

  1. Hometown/High School?
    I graduated from Tomah Senior High School in 2002.
  2. Year in School and expected graduation date?
    I am a SUPER senior! I graduate May 2010!
  3. What brought you to UWM?
    I originally came to UWM, as a freshman straight out of high school, for the nursing program. After I transferred to Alverno College for clinicals and realized I really had no desire to become a nurse. I made my way back to UWM because of the large selection of science programs and because I really grew to love Milwaukee and everything it has to offer.
  4. What convinced you to major in Geosciences?
    Honestly, I was completely unaware of the Geoscience program until I took Geosci 102, which was a requirement for the CES program I was starting. I found the course to be ‘right up my alley’ and started talking to Dr. Fraiser… the rest is history!
  5. What field of study would you like to go into and how would you describe it to a prospective student?
    My main field of study is sedimentology, but I also dabble in geomorphology, glaciology, and even a little paleontology. As for a brief description I would tell a prospective student that I chose sedimentology because I enjoy the challenge of unraveling complex stories and finding solutions to sedimentologic related mysteries as a means to establishing analogues to possible future environmental change.
  6. What's been your best experience so far?
    That's a tough one. I'm going to have to go with field work in western Argentina last August. The field work and networking with other students and Professors from UC-Davis was a valuable learning experience. Also, being able to experience a different culture and way of life was a new and amazing experience.
  7. Have you gotten the opportunity to participate in field trips, field work, or travel as part of your education?
    I’ve participated in required class field trips all around WI and the upper peninsula of MI. I was also chosen to participate in the conducted field trip to San Salvador, Bahamas last March and am currently enrolled in the conducted field trip to Iceland in August.
  8. Have you gotten the opportunity to participate in a student research project while at UWM?
    I am currently working on a mandatory group research project for my structural geology course and an independent study with Dr. Hooyer. My group project for structure is a structural analysis of the new 2 mile segment of the Milwaukee Deep Tunnel project. My independent study with Dr. Hooyer is based off of a project that Dr. Hooyer has worked extensively on. My goal is to make my own correlations and interpretations of the glacial history of Wisconsin by looking at 18 rotosonic cores that span a 90 mile transect across the glacial Lake Oshkosh basin.
  9. What trait or thing has allowed you to succeed in geology?
    Believe me, I've had my fair share of bumps in the road when it came to courses like calculus and physics, but my persistence and competitive/stubborn mindset got me through. I've also had a lot of guidance and support from several professors in the department.
  10. How would you describe the Department of Geosciences at UWM to a prospective student?
    It's small, but growing, size allows for a great learning environment where you really get to know your classmates and professors and everyone is very friendly and supportive.
  11. Do you have any advice that you would give to a student who is new to the Geoscience major at UWM?
    Get involved, ask a lot of questions, and don’t be afraid to stop by and talk to your professors if you see an open door!
  12. What do you most enjoy about Milwaukee?
    I love the fact that there’s almost always something new to do! It's also nice living in a big city and still being able to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and fishing etc!
  13. What are your plans after you graduate?
    I plan to start graduate school here at UWM in the fall for my Masters.

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