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Postdoctoral Researchers and Visiting Scholars


Each postdoctoral researcher or visiting scholar is working with a faculty member as they study and research scientific topics in the different concentrations in Geosciences. In the end, their results will attach UWM’s name to internationally-recognized scientific research, as well as continue current collaborations with UWM and different countries around the world.

lappe_cropDr. Sophie-Charlotte L. L. Lappe is a postdoctoral researcher from Germany working with Prof. Julie Bowles on time- and temperature-dependent cation ordering in titanomagnetites (TM). Titanomagnetites are some of the most important natural magnetic minerals used for paleomagnetic studies. Natural TMs with Mg- and Al-substitution have recently been shown to have Curie temperatures (Tc) that vary strongly with thermal history, and these variations have been indirectly linked to cation reordering in the crystal lattice (Bowles et al. 2013). To better understand the mechanism at work in natural samples Dr Lappe is working on synthesizing and characterizing TMs with varying degrees of Mg2+ and Al3+ substitution. Dr Lappe started at UWM in May 2013 after finishing her PhD in mineral sciences at the University of Cambridge, UK, where she was working on the mineral- and rockmagnetic characterization of synthetic dusty olivines.