Geophysics Group

Members of the Geophysics group at UWM use techniques like gravity, magnetism and seismology to study Earth's deep structure; to interpret tectonic and volcanic processes; and to understand how Earth's magnetic field changes in time and space. Geophysical techniques provide a window into the Earth, allowing us to examine everything from Earth's innermost core to natural resources in the shallowest crust.

Dr. Keith Sverdrup, Professorsverdrup_geophysics_page
Dr. Sverdrup's research interests include regional gravity studies of faults in Southeastern Wisconsin and the relocation of earthquakes all over the world. In particular, recent work has focused on the relocation of earthquakes off the northwest coast of the United States along the Mendocino Fracture Zone and earthquakes in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe. In addition, Dr. Sverdrup is actively involved in undergraduate geoscience education by authoring a number of introductory oceanography textbooks.

bolwes_finalDr. Julie Bowles, Assistant Professor

Specializes in Paleomagnetism and Geophysics

Dr. Bowles is interested in how the Earth's magnetic field varies over time; understanding how and how well magnetic minerals record these variations; and using these "rock records" of changing magnetic fields and magnetic properties to to interpret volcanic processes. Recent projects include documenting variations in Earth's field intensity in pyroclastic flows in the western U.S.; using recorded field variations to constrain eruptive processes on the Galapagos Spreading Center and the Juan de Fuca Ridge; and creating synthetic igneous rocks in the lab to better understand the magnetic recording process in rocks from Earth and Mars.

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