Masters Degrees Awarded by the Department

August 2015

Steven Greenwood,“Mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry of Pleistocene volcanics at Embagai caldera and Natron Basin, Tanzania: Potential constraints on the stratigraphy of Olduvai Gorge.” (MS, McHenry)

Jenna Rolle,“Paleoecological Recovery of Early Triassic Echinoids Following the End-Permian Mass Extinction: A Test of the Habitable Zone Hypothesis with Members of the Modern Fauna.” (MS, Fraiser)

May 2014

Jane Block,“The Rice Bay and Northeast Bay Gneiss Domes: A Kinematic Study of Competent Rock Bodies in the Rainy Lake Region of Ontario, Canada.” (MS, Czeck)

Justin Calhoun, “Fabric and microstructural analysis of the Loch Borralan pluton, Northwest Highlands Scotland.” (MS, Czeck)

Alice Egan,“Simulating Recharge in a Wisconsin Watershed: The Effect of Sub Annual Precipitation Patterns.” (MS, Xu)

Nicholas Fedorchuk,“Testing the Biogenicity of Precambrian Lacustrine Stromatolites From the Copper Harbor Conglomerate Upper Peninsula of Michigan: Implications for the Search for Ancient Life on Mars.” (MS, Dornbos)

Kathryn Pauls,“Sedimentology and paleoecology of fossil-bearing, high-latitude glaciogenic deposits in the Tepuel Basin, Patagonia, Argentina.” (MS, Isbell)

December 2013

Kimberly Johnson, “Deformation and fluid interactions in the Mineral Fork diamictites, Antelope Island, Utah.” (MS, Czeck)

August 2013

Danielle Sieger, “Reexamination of Fluvial Stacking Pattern Changes Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary in the Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica.” (MS, Isbell)

Elizabeth Stapleton, “Development of Green Solvent Modified Zeolite (GSMZ) for the Removal of Chemical Contaminants from Water.” (MS, Xu)

Anna Thorpe, “Applying Geochemistry to Investigate the Occurance of Riverbank Inducement Into a Shallow Aquifer in Southeastern Wisconsin.” (MS, Grundl)

August 2012

Christine E. Barszewski, "Microstructural and Cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL) Analyses of Clasts in a Tectonically Deformed Diamictite from the Willard Thrust, UT" (MS, Czeck)

Carlene E. Polk, "Testing the Bed-Deformation Hypothesis for Drumlin Formation Using Magnetic Fabrics" (MS, Hooyer)

Scott N. Schaefer, "Distribution of Early Triassic Rhynchonelliform Brachiopods in the Dinwoody Basin of the Western United States: A Test of the Habitable Zone Hypothesis" (MS, Fraiser)

May 2012

Nathan C. Magnusson, "Assessing the Affects of Pleistocene Glaciation on the Recharge of the Deep Paleozoic Aquifer of Eastern Wisconsin Using Noble Gases, Radiocarbon Dating, and Geochemical Analysis" (MS, Grundl)

Michael S. Baierlipp, "Hydrostratigraphic Images for the Lower Fox Valley, Waukesha, Wisconsin". (MS, Kean)

December 2011

Amelia Nachbor, “Fluid effects on deformation in the Mineral Fork diamictites, Antelope Island, Utah.” (MS, Czeck)

Jolene Traut, "Using Cleavage Refraction, Boudin Shape and Microstructural Evidence to Determine the Relative Rheology of Naturally Deformed Quartzites and Phyllites". (MS, Czeck)

August 2011

Mike DeVasto,"Quantifying the Relationships Between Geochemical and Microtextural Changes Across Small-Scale Granitic Shear Zones". (MS, Czeck)

Jeanne Ramponi, "Simulation of Shallow Groundwater Flow in a System Dominated By Lakes: Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area Nature Conservancy, Border Lakes Region, Vilas County, Wisconsin". (MS, Cherkauer)

May 2011

Michael Kennedy, "Testing Asteroid Impact as a Mechanism for Environmental Disruption at the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary (Montana, USA)". (MS, Isbell)

Joseph Rufini, "Hematitte and Sulfate Minerals in Lava Tubes, Craters of the Moon, Idaho: An Analog for Diagenesis at Meridiani Planum, Mars". (MS, McHenry)

Robert Servais, "Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge Using PRMS: A Regression Equation for the Prediction of Climatic Recharge Change". (MS, Cherkauer)

Jacob Walczak, "Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacteria in Dairy Manure: Occurance and Transport in the Environment". (MS, Xu)

December 2010

Bonnie Bills, "Refinement of a Groundwater Model for the Village of Richfield, Wisconsin". (MS, Cherkauer)

Micah Holzbauer, "Tracking Shallow Groundwater Anthropogenic Effects in Southeastern Wisconsin". (MS, Grundl)

Zelenda Koch, "Reevaluation of the Late Paleozoic Glacigenic Deposits of the Pagoda Formation at Tillite Glacier, Central Transantarctic Mountains, Anatarctica". (MS, Isbell)

August 2009

Jeff Bruesewitz, "Geochemistry, Geochronology, and Petrology of the Cary Mound Granite, Wood County, Wisconsin". (MS, Cameron)

May 2008

Mark Schlottke, "Paleoecology of the Middle Cambrian Eocrinoid Echinoderm Gogia Spiralis: Changes in Substrate Adaptations Through Ontogeny". (MS, Dornbos)

Joy Loughry, "Hydrogeologic Study of the Catherine Wolter Wilderness area in Vilas County, Wisconsin: An Interpretation of the Local Surface Water and Ground Water Flow System". (MS, Cherkauer)

Tanya Gregg, "Chemical Variations of Select Cinder Cones in Southeastern Guatemala: Implications for the Explosive-effusive Transition". (MS, Cameron)

May 2006

Matthew Kawa, "Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Paleogeographic Significance of Lower Paleozoic Strata Along the Crest of the Wisconsin Arch". (MS, Isbell)

May 2003

Michael Cape, "Geochemical Factors Controlling Radium in the Cambrian-Ordovician Aquifer System of Southeastern Wisconsin". (MS, Grundl)

Anthony Schram, "Soil Baseline Concentrations of Cadmium, Chromium and Lead in Northwest Washington County, Wisconsin". (MS, Grundl)

May 2002

Catherine Hill, "Sedimentology and Environmental Interpretation of the Racine Formation Exposure at Lime Kiln Park". (MS, Harris)

Paul Lenaker, "Sedimentology of Permian Glacial Deposits Exposed in the Darwin Glacier Region, Antarctica". (MS, Isbell)

May 2001

Christopher Peychal, "A Study of the Magnetic Basement Rocks of the Waterloo Wisconsin Area". (MS, Kean)

Heidi Yantz, "The Relationship of Ground-Water Chemistry to Land Use in the Menomonee River Watershed". (MS, Cherkauer, Grundl)

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