Hard Rock Group

Members of the "Hard Rock" Group study structural geology, mineralogy, petrology, volcanology, and tectonics. Tectonic processes and volcanoes significantly impact Earth and its human inhabitants. Our research group strives to conduct research that contributes to knowledge of basic Earth and planetary processes, mitigating natural hazards, developing Earth resources, discovering human origins, and understanding paleoclimate.

BarryEyjafjalla_cropDr. Barry Cameron, Associate Professor


Specializes in Igneous Petrology and Volcanology.

Research strives to link volatile contents in magma to eruptive style. At the moment, Dr. Cameron is focused on four main research projects: the origin of arc magmas, the explosive behavior of silicic lava domes, the nature of glaciovolcanism, and the rare explosive eruptions of Mt. Etna, Sicily.

Dr. Dyanna Czeck, Associate Professordyanna_hard_rock_crop


Specializes in Structural Geology and Tectonics.

Research: Research attempts to link structures in naturally deformed rocks with processes of deformation. Dr. Czeck is especially interested in the kinematics of rocks, rheology, and deformation processes as mechanisms for production of structural fabric. Current projects include studying rheological information from deformed conglomerates, cleavage refraction, and boudinage.

lindsay_hard_rockDr. Lindsay McHenry, Associate Professor


Specializes in Mineralogy, Volcanic Stratigraphy, and Geoarchaeology

Dr. McHenry has done extensive research in tephrostratigraphy, mostly in East Africa where it is applied directly to archaeological research on early hominids. Other interests include the study of volcanic ash alteration in terrestrial, marine, and volcanic environments, including possible analogues for Mars.

Field locations include Antarctica, Canada (British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario), El Salvador, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Spain, Scotland, Tanzania, and the United States (California, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, New Mexico, Utah, and Wisconsin).

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