Hydrogeology Group

The Hydro group examines the quality and quantity of water resources in the world today with emphasis on solving the environmental problems caused by ever-increasing human stress on hydrolic systems.

grundlDr. Tim Grundl, Professor


Specializing in groundwater contamination, contaminant fate and transport, and regional scale aquifer dynamics.

Research: Using overall geochemistry, noble gas and isotope data to investigate the history and dynamics of regional confined aquifers from the late Pleistocene to present; development of a suite of in-situ probes for the rapid, screening level detection of contamination in harbor sediments; modeling the effect of using treated sewage effluent to augment aquifer recharge.

xu_roundDr. Shangping Xu, Associate Professor


Specializing in colloid filtration in both saturated and unsaturated soil; transport and fate of colloid-bound emerging contaminants on a watershed scale; as well as behavior and toxicity of nanoparticles in the environment.

Research: Finding solutions for the protection of water resources and the supply of safe drinking water.

Dr. Weon Shik Han, Associate Professorhan2015


Specializing in non-isothermal multiphase and reactive transport modeling in heterogeneous porous media with emphasis of geologic C02 sequestration and groundwater hydrology.

Research: environmental, climate change, and energy related research; groundwater hydrology, and geothermal energy development with an emphasis in multi-phase phenomena, reactive transport modeling, and heat transport; cold-water geyser eruption dynamics, salt-water intrusion, water-rock interactions, and noble gas (helium) transport in subsurface.

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