Mark Harris' Research

My research projects generally focus on the sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of carbonate rocks. My current project is a collaborative study with Peter Sheehan (Milwaukee Public Museum) of Upper Ordovician-Lower Silurian facies, sequences and communities of the Great Basin and Estonia. NSF is supporting our work and our Estonian colleagues are Leo Ainsaar (Tartu University), Linda Hints (Institute of Geology, Tallinn), Peep Männik (Institute of Geology, Tallinn), Jaak Nõlvak (Institute of Geology, Tallinn), and Madis Rubel (Tartu University). Peter, Tory Schultz (MS student), Jim Awe (field assistant), and I traveled to Estonia last summer to work on the project. We had a few scattered days to enjoy the glories of Tallinn, but largely we described lots of cores. Peter and I had worked on a few cores the prior summer so we knew the basic stratigraphy (complete with regional Baltic stage and series names). The data collected on this trip will allow us to expand our stratigraphic framework across the rest of the study area. Tory has nearly completed his interpretation of the Upper Ordovician strata, and the general patterns of the Lower Silurian sequences is rather clear. We are currently trying to figure out some of the biostratigraphic details, and Peter is starting to work up the faunas.

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