Bill Kean's Research

Pre-Illinoinan Tills:

I am working with Chuck Rover, one of our past Ph.D. students who is now at Southwestern Missouri State University, on correlation of Pre-Illinoinan tills. Chuck is looking at the mineralogy of the tills, and I am looking at their magnetic signature. These tills are old enough, that some are reversely polarized, which helps in the correlation.

GPR and resistivity studies of Sand bodies:

In recent years we have expanded our geophysical applications by teaming with Dave Hart at the WGNHS, and Harry Jol, a colleague from UW Eau Clair to use GPR to study sand bar stratigraphy along with John Isbell from our department. John and I have shared two masters’ students on these projects. Recently the department has acquired new resistivity profiling equipment which is now being applied to a number of local groundwater projects including a subsurface study of the Bradford Beach area.

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