7/15/04 Fiji Region 7.1
7/15/04 Fiji Region 7.1 Focal Mechanism

Fiji Region 7.1 Mw Earthquake Focal Mechanism

Earthquake Details Seismogram Explanation
Location: Fiji Region
Date: July 15, 2004
Time: 04:27:11 (UTC); 11:27:11 pm CDT (local 7/14/04)
Latitude: 17.48 S
Longitude: 179.01 W
Magnitude: 7.1 Mw
Depth: 578 km
Distance: 102.63 deg (7,086 miles from Milwaukee)
Pdiff-wave arrival time: 04:40:04 UTC; 11:40:04 pm CDT (local 7/14/04)
PKiKP-wave arrival time: 04:44:24 UTC; 11:44:24 pm CDT (local 7/14/04)
The vertical axis is in units of displacement in centimeters.
The horizontal axis is in units of time in seconds.
The beginning of the file is the origin of the event.
There are few surface waves because this event was so deep.

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