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Earthquake Recording Center

Seismic Station Information

UWM operates both an analog and digital seismometer which are housed in a specially designed vault in the basement of Lapham Hall. The instruments rest on a pillar of concrete that extends down 30 feet to help isolate urban noise from transient signals. Unfortunately the bedrock in this area is too deep (~200ft) for the pillar to extend down to it so some urban noise is found in the signals. The digital seismomter is connected to a Dell PC that continuously records seismic data. The digitizer clock is is kept accurate with the help of a GPS sensor that is constantly feeding the current time. The analog instruments are long-period Geotech seismometers (only the E-W is currently running) and is connected to a Geotech Portacorder seismograph to produce a paper record. Both the digital and analog data are on display in the Greene Gallery.

Digital Seismometer Specifications

Sensor: Guralp Broadband CMG-EDU-T

Latitiude: 43.07611 North

Longitude: 87.88455 West

Elevation: 205 meters

Digital Data is collected at 1 sample/second for teleseimic earthqauakes and 40 samples per second for regional earthquakes

Picture of Guralp CMG-EDU-T and Poles and Zeros

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