Date: May 26, 1909

Location: Northern Illinois

Magnitude: 5.1

Milwaukee Sentinel, Thursday, May 27, 1909.

EARTHQUAKE SHOCK; TORRENTS OF RAIN. Tremor of Several Minutes' Duration, Followed by Severest Electrical Storm of Season. THREE STATES SHAKEN.
Maj. H. B. Hersey, Weather Bureau, Sees Instruments Indicate the Phenomenon.
LIGHTNING PLAYS PRANKS. Fire Alarm Box One of Things Hit by Bolts, and Engine Companies Respond.

An earthquake shock of about 20 seconds duration, followed by one of the most severe electrical storms of the year, combined to give Milwaukee a bad day on Wednesday. The quake at 8:40 o'clock in the morning shook the city in every portion.

House Rocked Like Cradle. Mrs. E. P. Meske, 2620 Brown street, was one of those who noted the tremor. "I was lying in bed," said Mrs. Meske, "and at just exactly one minute to 9 o'clock I noticed a severe trembling. The bed shook and articles on the dresser were bounced about. The trembling ceased, but was followed by a rocking movement, such as you would experience in a boat. The quake waves continued for some time and seemed to rock the house from north to south. The house rocked like a cradle."

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